Using UltimateDefrag to Optimize Windows – A Quick Tutorial

UltimateDefrag is one of the best programs that helps clear the clog of fragmented files in your hard drive, putting them in sectors that are easily reachable at a less amount of time, instead of having PC work into looking for the file for a fraction of a second more than it should take. Using UltimateDefrag can help speed up Windows XP or Vista at a considerable rate, even after repeated use. Here is a small UltimateDefrag tutorial.  

Everyone knows that constant use of Windows XP or Windows Vista will lead to your computer slowing down, especially if you continue to put more files into your hard drive to access. This takes up a lot of resources that your computer should not deal with. UltimateDefrag is an instinctive and easy-to-use program that helps you arrange your files. Check which drive you want to defrag and let the program analyze the status. This may take some time, depending on the programs running in the background as well as the files currently in your drive, but its goal is to give you an idea on the status of your drive.  


One of the best things about using UltimateDefrag is that it not only speeds up your Windows OS, but you can also choose to have a faster defragmentation time. Just click on Customisation Options, then click on the box that says Very fast placement. This will make your defragmenting time faster, although it may skip some of the areas with small blank places, but still also check the High Performance box to make sure that UltimateDefrag will not run into some problems. Most of all, UltimateDefrag can easily speed up your Windows XP or Windows Vista by clicking the optimisation option that you want, letting you choose what kind of performance you expect from your PC. One of the options is to have a faster OS, so UltimateDefrag can group similar programs and files functioning together, leaving your Windows XP or Vista performing quicker than you expected.

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Source by Kris Mainieri