Vaccination of Children Is Essential for Prevention of Deadly Diseases

There are some in parts of Australia who are promoting anti-vaccination literature and ideas that are leaving children vulnerable to deadly diseases. Some time ago a report from England linked the pathogens in the vaccines to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although this was quickly dismissed and years of research have proven otherwise the fear took hold and in the minds of the objectors they refuse to be convinced otherwise.

In one area in Queensland where there is a lower than average vaccination rate problems have arisen. A baby of one month contracted whopping cough from an unvaccinated child. It was filmed and shown on media reports and the suffering of that infant was appalling. The tiny boy was too young to be given protection but the failure of others to do so killed him.

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Measles, polio, and tuberculosis have been almost eradicated in the country but new arrivals are bringing them back. While going without vaccinations may work in some places the risk is high and lives are at risk.

Many refuse to vaccinate on religious grounds but the government is now putting new measures in place to encourage them to consider it. These will include withholding child support payments and also preventing unvaccinated children from child-care centers and pre-school environments.

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The majority of parents are only too happy to see their off-spring protected in this way. It is grossly unfair, therefore, that some, like the one-month old, have to die because of bad judgment and errors on the part of some. This is a major health issue and one that has to be resolved and quickly.


Source by Norma Holt