Weather History

Weather history is a fascinating topic to look over. I’m only aware of two books which focus on the forecasting and prediction history over time. They speak about weather forecasting from the ancient Greeks to techniques which help us form the modern forecast. Each book is rich with information. I have still not absorbed all the information available in the books. The bibliographies are rich with sources for even more in depth research.

The first book is “Storm Warning: The Origins of The Weather Forecast” by Pauline Halford. “Storm Warning” was published to celebrate the anniversary of the British Meteorological Office 150th year. Through the focus on the British, it has a wonderful introduction to the ancient Greeks methods of forecasting the weather. Most of those techniques were not science base, but it does show we were always trying to predict the weather. The author continues to move forward in history to the formation of the British Meteorological Office and beyond. A wonderful read over all.

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“Storm Watchers: The Turbulent History of Weather Prediction from Franklin’s Kite to El Nino” by John D. Cox focuses on individual scientists in each chapter. Each scientist helped to predict the weather. It begins with Benjamin Franklin and ends with Ants Leetmaa. A total of 28 scientists are covered. Some of the scientists I’ve heard of, but there were many I have not. Through I would not say I knew many to begin with. Yet now, I know many of their names. And the lessons passed down by each one of those scientist.

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I enjoyed both books and look forward to reading them again in the future.


Source by Marilyn Muniz