What 7000 HOURS of MEDITATION Looks Like | Sadhguru | Video

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  1. Very simply stated and something that all of us already know but we do continually try to overthink it and make it more complex than it is…..
    Great videos.

  2. Many people are complaining about the clickbait, but it is what that has led us to listen to this interesting speech. Thank you for the clickbait which has brought me here and made me listen to this. OmNamaShivaya🙏.

  3. This video is fantastic 👌👌👌👏👏👏
    Regardless their background of religion,, nationalities, cast, creed if one has an open mind and wants to improve their lives should listen to this one.
    However, I do hope everyone who is NOT practicing yoga at the moment should listen – It might change their life 🤗
    He explained things in such a simple way that anyone will understand 😊

  4. I know what im about to say is just an oppinion and its irrelevant but still the titel of the video is just stupid because its not about that, its so dumb im sorry.. either you know what im saying with that or you dont know 🤙👋

  5. Sadguru I am from Bangladesh. I want to know how many percent behaviour depend on parents a child mental structure before or after comes in mother's womb.

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