What Are The Top 5 Most Modified Cars?

These days if you want to make an impact on the high street, don’t worry about having the latest shoes or the newest iPod, what you need is to have the best car. Not only do people want the best cars though, they want a car that they can modify and turn into a piece of art both on the surface and under the bonnet.

Over the years car manufacturers have tried to produce cars that are ready made for people who like to soup up their vehicles. They have tried including body kits, fancy stereos, alloy wheels and spoilers but most of the time they never quite manage to tap into the hearts and minds of true enthusiasts. For them a car needs to be a simple one to begin with that they can then make their own with modifications.

Here are the top 5 cars that people have been modifying since they were first produced:

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Toyota Supra + Nissan Skyline

Two of the most popular imported Japanese cars are the Toyota Supra and the Nissan Skyline. Their popularity comes from the fact that they are equal in many ways to big expensive performance cars like Ferraris and Porches. They may not have the expensive badge, but they make up for that with their power and sporty profiles. As their popularity grew people became more creative and a modification scene followed so that people could stand out from the crowd.

Citroen Saxo

How many of these do you see on your high street in a week? Dozens? This classic French mini seemed nothing special on its release, but thanks to its simplicity and value it became popular among those looking for something small to modify. A body kit is the most popular modification for a Saxo.

Mitsubishi Evo

The Evo is now synonymous with cutting edge car technology. The Evo has evolved through 10 different versions produced by the factory and every one has been modified by enthusiasts. The Evo has been on the rally scene for a long time and along with features in movies it has become more popular than ever. Modifiers like it for its solid engine, performance brakes, 4 wheel drive system and its naturally perfect set up, for engine manipulation. Mitsubishi Evo parts are much easier to import now than they used to be. This makes the Evo more popular than ever.

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Fiat Punto

Similar to the Saxo, Puntos have developed a reputation for their loud exhausts, small stature and inexperienced drivers. The most popular thing to do to a Punto is to add turbo or nitrous oxide. Pocket rocket indeed.


by Sam L Lowe

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