What Is Nun Cyclosis?

Nun Cyclosis is the analysis of human behavioral, circadian, psychological and spiritual cycles and their relationship with Nature Cycles. This practice was implemented during the earliest civilizations of man in the charting of one’s present and future potential prior to astrology, numerology, tarot and runes. A form of Nun Cyclosis is still being practiced amongst certain highly spiritual tribes of the Bantu people in Gabon, West Africa and is regarded as the most accurate yet complex form of rating a person’s propensity to attract fortune, produce specific qualities in offspring, and an increase in personal internal strength and wellness. It’s also the method that is used to maintain a psychic connection with all of Nature.

The name, Nun Cyclosis, is a composite of the Ancient Egyptian word for the primordial abyss “Nun” from where it was believed by the Ancient Egyptians that all life originated and Cyclosis, which is the cyclical streaming of cytoplasm in plant cells. Thus, Nun Cyclosis refers to the system that created the original cycles of the ancestral plant life, cyanobacteria. This form of life is what enables us to access memories far beyond our birth in the human body. The Egyptian Goddess over this process was called Renenutet which translates, “The Giver of the True Name”, also “The Giver of Ones’ Cycles”.

The “Ren” or name was given to a person in a circular hieroglyph called a “Shen” representing one’s nature or cycle. Once the receiving individual “accepts” the encircled name, it would then be transformed from a circular Shen to an elongated form called a “Cartouche”. This cartouche became a symbol of protection as one’s cycles or nature was to be locked within the circle and the only way it could be unlocked was by knowing where the two points of the line came together to create the circle. This is what’s known as your critical point or your “Adjoining Point”. A person can make a small change at the right time and it can affect everything for them. For example, it can give them maximum results in physical, mental and spiritual development. Other than the Adjoining point, it becomes increasingly difficult to break a cycle. Certain plants, when consumed, enabled us to line up all of our maximancies (the strongest area within our cycles) at once, thereby giving us the ability to completely change the course of our lives in almost an instant and break some of the most unbreakable habits.

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In ancient times, a spirit could not be called without the magician (magi) first taking steps to protect himself. If he did not protect himself first, his soul would be in danger. Protection took the form of talismans, seals, special powdered concoctions, and, most importantly, the magic circle. As long as the magician stood within the magic circle, he was invulnerable to whatever spirit entity he called up. This magic circle was symbolic of knowing one’s cycles or the magi cycles. The magician would be the only one that would know where the two points of his cycles connected. They would perform cycle detangling sessions to ensure that spiritual entities could not find a way into their cycles. The Ku Klux Klan’s name origin was from the Greek word kyklos meaning circle, kyklos is cyclos or cycles. They were also called the “masters of the circles” which is the same as “masters of the cycles” or “Lord of the Rings”. By their use of fear and intimidation the cycles of many ethnic peoples were suppressed and oppressed, however, not to the extent of national dominance as was the case for their Nazi idols in Germany.

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No one on the planet Earth can deny the existence of the cycles of nature. We study everything from atomic cycles to seasonal cycles to celestial cycles but there has been an intentional disregard for human cycles and the part those cycles play in relation to nature. Nun Cyclosis is going to become, by far, the leading method of upwardly attuning one’s life to greater advancement and precision.


Source by Waab Abunu Khabur