what is penetration testing in telugu || ethical hacking tutorial in telugu part 6 | Video

in this video i will tell u about penetration testing

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How to install Kali Linux in pen drive: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=PsUDTvUxeYM

Hacking tutorial for beginners in telugu part 3:

top 15 opearating systems about hacking:

Penetration Testing Tools: Network Security
1. Metasploit, 2. WireShark, 3.W3af, 4.Core Impact,5. Back Track,6. NetSparker,7. Nessus,8. Burp

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suite,9. Cain & Abel,10. Zed Attack Proxy,11. Acunetix,12. John The Ripper,13. Retina,14.

Sqlmap,15.Canvas,16. Social-Engineer Toolkit,17. SqlNinja,18. Nmap,19. BeEF,20. Dradis,21.

EtterCap,22.Hydra,23. VeraCode,24. Satan,25. Shodan,26. AirCrack-NG,27. Arachni,28.

PunkSpider,29.IBM,30.Nagios,31. Nikto2,32. WebScarab,33. Maltego,34. IronWASP,35.

HConSTF,36.OpenVAS,37. Secunia PSI

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  1. Bro nenu metasploit numdi na mobileni control chesanu but metasploit close chesanu but Malli akadi numde ela open cheyalo teliyadam ledhu replay ivamdi please

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