Why Are Nuclear Engineering Graduates So Excited?

What makes a career so exciting? If you are still in your senior year in high school I bet you are wondering what job is exciting? One of the hottest careers in this generation is nuclear engineering. This job does not only pay well but it also gives the person the opportunity to grow as a person. The best job in the world is the one that pays well, gives the person the opportunity to expand his skills and talent and the chance to make the world a better place. Now, which career can provide you all these benefits? Being in the medical field as well as in the engineering arena is two of the best jobs in the world. Both have the chance to live a life that is financially secure and these jobs also give the person the opportunity to help other people thus creating a better society for a better tomorrow. However, being a nuclear engineer is far better than being a doctor or a nurse. You may be wondering why it is so? The answer is that there is a bigger gap to fill in due to lack of nuclear engineering graduates in our nation.

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Our nation has been battling with the use of nuclear energy ever since we can remember. For example, when President Bill Clinton told the nation that we longer need the nuclear energy to power up the country this statement sent different opinions from all over the country. Some people agreed with his statement while others were devastated by his decision. However, when John McCain was campaigning for President he fully supported nuclear energy and he made it known to everyone by saying that he is planning to power up 45 nuclear plants in the country once he reigns in the White House. Despite the lack of financial support for nuclear plants in the nation; this hasn’t stopped other individuals to pursue a career in the said field. In fact, there are over a thousand graduates each school year. But the sad thing is that the number of students graduating every year with the degree of nuclear engineering is not enough to fill in the gap of the country’s need.

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Some companies are outsourcing professional nuclear engineers from other countries like Japan and the Europe. This is such a sad scenario knowing that many of our fellowmen are suffering from unemployment. But, who should we blame the problem? I don’t think that it is because of the government that the United States lacks competent nuclear engineers. Instead it might be because people have neglected to see the advantages and benefits of being an engineer in this kind of field.

If you want a better life and if you want to make a big difference in the world, you should consider being a nuclear engineer. It might be a tough ride before reaching your goals but the prize is worth every sacrifice you make with this career. Just be serious with your studies and work real hard in making good grades, then everything will be perfect as you planned it to be.


by Douglas J Shipway