Why Christianity Is the Most Complete Religion

First we have to understand why we should believe that a God actually exists. You could say it’s in the creation itself. It’s illogical to assume that chance really created rationality, so since we were actually created with a desire for meaningfulness, which is a part of rationality, and a creator is always greater than his creation, our creator must be greater in personhood (a God) than we are. Also without a God, we will never have Love because God is Love. Another argument for God’s existence is that we being imperfect as we all know, but continually striving for perfection, must have developed this idea of perfection from some place, and the most logical place that we developed this from seems to be from a higher power (a God, for instance). Also, can you imagine a planet spinning around the universe in perfect unison allowing human life to evolve as it has for as long as it has without completely breaking up with all its earthquakes and volcanoes taking place without a God being in control. And finally Parapsychologists, who have studied Near-Death experiences, have reported that these people have seen visions of an After-Life during their experiences, which suggests that someone must be in control of all of this.

Now let us see how the Major Religions, with the exception of Christianity, view their interpretation of what God is like and how to approach him. The Buddhist believe that God is really unknowable, so that we should only live in the present and become our own Gods as we understand Him through Meditation and Yoga. The Hindus believe that at one time our Immortal Souls were all Perfect like God, but we lost that Perfection for some reason so we had to come down to earth and try to get that back through Meditation, Yoga, or Reincarnation as a final Solution. Reincarnation is that when we die we enter another body so that we can improve a little bit each time. The problem here is that if this were true, the World should be getting better and better from generation to generation. Muslims believe in only one God as described in their Sacred Book called the Koran written by Mohammed, who is thought of as the Messenger from God. Its adherents have to follow certain regulations as proscribed in the Koran, but interpreted differently by various leaders in the Muslim Religion. Muslims don’t believe in inherited Evil or Sin. They only believe that Evil or Sin is between man and God, and that if man asks God for forgiveness, He will forgive. And finally the Jewish adherents also believe in one God as described in their Sacred Book called the Bible, or within Christianity called the Old Testament, but written by a number of Religious Leaders some of whom were called Prophets or Messengers of God. And here they have to follow the God-given Commandments. At the end of time a Messiah will come and all will be saved. In the meantime all we have to do is to ask God to forgive us for our Sins or Evil Actions and He will do so.

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Now how does Christianity compare with the above major religious groupings? The difference between Buddhism and Hinduism with Christianity is very distinctive. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it teaches you how you can save yourself to lead a better life, whereas Christianity teaches you that you can only be saved through Jesus Christ to lead a better life.

Between Muslims and Christians, one of the biggest differences is that Christians believe in Inherited Sin or Evil whereas Muslims don’t. Because of this, Christians believe they need a redeemer and they found one in Jesus Christ. Now His story can be found in the Sacred Book of Christians called the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, where one can find a tremendous amount of Historical Authenticity. The Christian Bible says that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and also God Himself (Math 14:28-32, Luke 9:28-36 John 5:16-47, etc.). He is also our Savior in that He saved us from our sin by suffering and dying on the cross and being raised from the dead (Much Proof of the Resurrection is found in my Book “Who is Jesus Christ” published by Amazon). Actually He became Sin for us if we Believe in Him. This is the way we were Forgiven. He was God’s sacrifice for us. It was like perfection saving imperfection. But as I said we actually have to believe in all of this so that we can then become wrapped up in our belief, or Jesus Christ, just like a Christmas package, so that when God looks at us, all that He can see is His Son (perfection), or Himself as if He were looking into a mirror. It is interesting to note here that the Koran was written by one Messenger of God whereby the Christian Bible was written by many Messengers of God who were quite reliable and consistent in their message.

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And the Jewish belief comes from their Bible (The Old Testament in the Christian Bible) and included in it is the story of the Inherited Sin or Evil, but the Jewish seem to ignore it and their need for a Redeemer, because from a Jewish website they believe that the Messiah will come at the end of time and that all will be Saved and live on earth Forever. They don’t believe in the prophecies found in the Jewish Bible about the coming of Jesus (2 Samuel 7:16, Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7, & 35:4-6, Micah 5:2-5, Psalms 41:9, and Zechariah 12:10.

In John 1:1 it states that the Word was God, or in other words that Jesus was God, and in other places in Scripture it states the same. And the Holy Spirit is the third manifestation of God as mentioned in Scripture who is the one who directs us to do the righteous things that God wants us to do. So in a way God took a human form in the person of Jesus to intermingle with us for a while before dying on the cross and being resurrected to go back to His Heavenly Home taking our Sins with him. After all, the consequence of Inherited Sin is Death for all unless you believe in Jesus Christ and who He really is. And the more aware you are of having this Faith in believing all of this, the more Loving and the less Sinning you’ll be doing. The Biblical Book of Romans summarizes the Christian Belief quite nicely.


Source by Corbin Wright