Why Facebook Should Be Implemented Into Your B2B Marketing

The Internet has made it easier to market to other businesses. You have your professional SEO services, which are available to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. Then you have a variety of social media networks to play around with. Some brands fail to realize which social media sites are suitable for their business. The one that is commonly underestimated by B2B companies is Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a new platform for businesses – it comes with a number of features and capabilities that can assist your marketing strategy. The amount of users on Facebook makes it a must for any brand that’s serious about their conversion rates.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2015, which surveyed over 3,700 marketers, most brands are focused on establishing their authority and generating new leads. The top two platforms that were used were Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Sure, Facebook may not be suitable for certain niche companies, but there are a couple of reasons why businesses overall need to consider Facebook.

The Raw Data it Provides

Facebook offers advertising intelligence like no other platform. You’re able to customize messages specifically for highly targeted audiences, which increases your chances of success. The data provided also enables you to make smarter decisions. One of the best features on Facebook is its retargeting feature, which continues to show your ads to people who have visited your website.

Online Reputation Management

It poses a great opportunity for brands to establish their reputations. Actively engaging on Facebook can give your company more attention and strengthen your business network. SEO services providers can help build a B2B strategy to boost your online reputation.

Three Reasons Facebook Can Work for B2B

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Most businesses have Facebook Pages, which gives you a solid opportunity to reach them. One way to pull this off is to hone your storytelling skills. The following Facebook features can possibly make your B2B efforts more efficient:

  • Live video: This is ideal for brands that have live events, which can be deployed to all mobile device users. It’s initially being released to iPhone users.
  • Facebook ads: It’s an affordable and effective way to reach a large number of targeted clients.
  • Video posts: Online video continues to be a popular form of content, which can be used to show off your products and services, showcase testimonials or to educate your audience.

Consult with a professional SEO services company, if you’re worried that your Facebook strategy is going to work for your business.


by Hugh Benjamin