Why High School Sports Are Important For Teens

In this period of hard financial times for schools around the country, many school districts are questioning the value of high school sports, and whether or not the cost is worth the educational benefits. High school sports are important to teens for many reasons. Sports have been an integral part of the public education system in our country for many years now. Good coaches / educators use athletics as an extension of the classroom, teaching lessons that could not be taught in a typical classroom setting.

One of the biggest lessons sports can teach is the importance of teamwork and mentors. Many high school athletes consider their coaches to be some of the most influential people in their lives. The success of the school community is often a result of how well students can relate to teachers and adults in the school. Having a coach that is a teacher builds a great support system for student-athletes, as they have somebody they know and trust to seek guidance and counsel from.

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Involvement in sports has also been shown to increase grades. On many high school and college campuses, the average GPA of student-athletes is higher than the GPA of non-athletes.

Athletics provide an outlet for students to connect with the school and bring the school community together as they support their team. It is often difficult to convey successes in the classroom to the outside community, however sports provide a face for the school that the outside community can very easily see and support.

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Source by Dave Hahn