Why Should I Start Meditation? (with Beginner's Day 1 Guide) | Video

Why should you meditate? How to get started with meditation? How can it change your life?

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00:02 – What is my personal experience doing meditation?
00:30 – Isn’t meditation for monks and oldies?
00:43 – Greatest Icons that swear by the benefits of meditation
00:52 – What can you expect from this video?
01:33 – What is meditation?
01:40 – Real life examples to understand what meditation really is?
02:36 – My personal story regarding how I started meditating
03:13 – What are the scientifically proven benefits of meditation?
04:14 – My personal story about how meditation had changed me
05:00 – Can meditation have profound effects on the body?
05:30 – Teachings of Saints and Sages regarding meditation
05:44 – How to start meditation?
06:25 – How do I meditate?
06:48 – Most frequently asked questions about meditation
06:52 – Where should I meditate?
07:10 – For how long should I meditate?
07:27 – What is the best time to meditate?
07:57 – How often should I meditate?
08:20 – If I am doing yoga, can I meditate?
08:46 – How long will it take for me to realise the benefits of meditation?
09:06 – Are there any disadvantages of meditation?
09:45 – Short and practical follow along session of meditation with me
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I wish you good health.
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