Why Should Westerners Practice Feng Shui?

Why practice an ancient Asian belief system in the Western world? How does one mesh East and West without turning the house or office into something akin to a Chinese restaurant?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art: the study of the movement of chi (energy) through the environment. The cures are often Chinese deities and other symbols strange to westerners, whose belief systems are usually far removed from Asian beliefs.

So why would westerners want to practice Chinese feng shui? Uh… because it works? You don’t even have to believe in the Chinese deities to have feng shui be effective. It’s the study of movement of energy, not religion. In fact, you can substitute the western versions of deities if you want to bring religion into it. It might take a little cogitation to make the transition but it really does translate across religions-which makes more sense if you look at it from the quantum physics level.

Many westerners who might like to try this ancient practice are put off by the thought that their western-styled home will turn into a Chinese restaurant and the bedroom into an opium den. Not so, Grasshoppa; the western home can keep with whatever décor is preferred. By using the same principles as used when the cures were thought up, it’s easy to use even Southwestern décor. Only a knowledgeable feng shui practitioner would notice the application of principles using cures that are not Asian. Of course, that takes a little more effort than just going to a supplier and buying up the cures one needs. Some of us have found that the cures come in small enough sizes that they can be easily hidden amongst the décor. True, that is kind of the easy way out, but it works just as well.

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Part of the energy consulting that I do involves figuring out what kinds of cures can be used in a client home that will not clash or bring annoying questions from visitors. Some people are just too sensitive to what friends, family and business associates think about such things. They want to avoid ridicule at all costs and they want to try out the art of feng shui-hoping that it will indeed improve their lives. Well, fear not timid westerners and detail-oriented décor enthusiasts… feng shui is friendly to all and you can have it and hide it from those who would make fun of you for your curiosity.

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Fair warning though: once you discover how much better feng shui makes your life, you may become addicted. At that point you may just tell those scoffers to laugh all they want while their lives crumble around them and you sail through life relatively unscathed.

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by Valerie Olmsted

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