Why Transformational Meditation Could Be Your Best Change Agent

The need for change is bubbling up in every conscious individual right now: Whether you are a trader re-evaluating your trading habits or trading style, or an entrepreneur looking to do business in a more rewarding and more focused manner, life right now is showing up every flaw in our matrix.

Increased self knowledge shows a light on all those areas that could be improved which is essentially a good thing. Yet our minds cannot handle too much light, they are blinded by it. It is similar to living in a cave all your life. One day you are taken out into the daylight. Your mind and indeed your entire body matrix would be overwhelmed by the experience. It would take quite some time to adjust to the new environment and feel comfortable in it.

This is exactly what humanity at large is experiencing right now:

Our awareness is increasing, our consciousness is shifting, yet our minds are still locked in the old ways of living life.

Transformational meditation, as the word suggests transforms. In that sense it differs from TM which is primarily designed to get you into altered states of consciousness.

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With Transformational Guided Meditation you are guided into a theta / delta state of consciousness from which you observe your habitual thoughts which run in the subconscious part of the brain. Most people have trouble remaining fully conscious in those states. Transformational Guided Meditation teaches you to remain fully conscious as you observe information from your subconscious mind, and change your thoughts and feelings to a higher frequency at will.

Transformational Guided Meditation is very similar to self hypnosis.

The key is to observe yourself in a state of harmony, ease and joy, no matter what your present reality looks like.

For example if you had a tough time trading profitably, this method will train your mind to become more stable and maintain a sense of inner balance independently from what is going on around you.

I am sure that you would agree that this is a highly desirable skill to have. Imagine how much better you could feel about yourself if you would not take those trading challenges personally any more. Imagine if you did not feel the need to react to every trigger, be that in your trading, from your spouse, your children, or the state of the world. Imagine how much emotional space you would free up which you could use to consciously envision your perfect life.

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Your life is created from thought first before it appears in your three dimensional reality

Your challenges arise from incorrect thinking which goes unnoticed. Transformational Guided Meditation will get you to notice these thoughts before they can turn into an unwanted emotions that turns into a moods and unwanted behaviors.

Learning to live in inner harmony consistently is the key that will transform anything in your life. Without consistency change cannot occur because we are what we repeatedly think and do.


Source by Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen