Why Your Computer Registry Is Like Your Grocery Cupboards

Seriously. There I was sat right in front of the computer thinking “wow I really need to sort out my registry”. I know what you’re thinking, geek right? Well actually you are right! I know that the registry on my computer is important. I know that it needs to be kept clean, kept in order and mostly kept free from rogue entries. Now to most of you out there, geeks or not, you know that keeping your computer in some kind of order is like keeping all the groceries in your cupboards in order. A strange analogy right? Wrong!

Think about it this way; if the groceries are facing the right way, have the labels attached, are not out of date and in easy reach you’re going to be able to work around the kitchen in a more orderly fashion. Be able to work more efficiently. Well, ensuring your registry is kept in order is near enough the same, just not as tasty.

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So I digress. There I was sat in front of my computer and just couldn’t be bothered pressing the scan option on my registry scanner. Why? I don’t know. Pure laziness is the only answer. I’ve been using the scanner for years and just this one time I didn’t press the scan option, with auto scan turned off too, I learnt my lesson.

You know when you install something from the wonderful WWW and it asks if you would like to install a wonderful search gadget too? I always click on the ‘no’ option. But this one time that I didn’t I completely screwed up my computers registry. The computer started to run slow. It started to punish me for my incompetence. Seriously I had no option but to reinstall Windows as I couldn’t even access my scanning software. Believe me I’m pretty handy with computers yet this time even I couldn’t solve the problem.

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Don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t lost much work thankfully but it was a near miss. All for the sake of scanning the registry on a regular basis.

The good news is now my computers working fin, my head doesn’t hurt and nor does my pride. The main thing I did was setup auto scan and scheduled scan. Sometimes you don’t even know whats lurking on your computer and the registry is one major part of you computers well-being. So please. Don’t be as lazy as me. Most of the software out there is free even, so there really is no excuse now, is there?


Source by Anthony L Green