Windows Error 740 Fix Tutorial – Working Fix For Windows 740 Error On Your PC

Error 740 is a common error in Windows 7 and Vista and usually crops up when you fail to successfully load an application. It happens due to access restrictions, wherein a specific application is programmed to Run as Administrator, meaning that you have none or only limited access to it. To fix this error you have to make sure that the program you’re attempting to load does not have exclusive Administrator access status. Another way is to change your profile status on your PC so that you can use certain applications that have access restrictions.

What Is Windows Error 740?

The error would normally be displayed in your computer screen in the following format:

  • “Error(740): The requested operation requires elevation.”

This error arises whenever an application only allows Administrators to access it. When your PC doesn’t sign you up as Administrator, you will not be able to use it. You can trace this issue to your system’s User Account Control which dictates how you will be signed in to your PC (which can be as either an administrator or user). If your system’s defaulted to sign you up as a user, then you will only be able to access programs that do not have administrator access statuses. To rectify this you need to change your sign in status on the PC or make sure that programs can be run by users.

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How To Fix The 740 Error On Your PC

Error 740 is a highly disruptive error yet it is very easy to fix. It basically lies on how your system is programmed to sign you up as you boot your PC. All you need to do is configure your PC to sign you as an administrator. The effectiveness of this approach when fixing the Error 740 in your system is close to 90%. The first thing that you want to do when changing the access settings of your PC to administrator is to first find the program that you are planning to load. You can go to either Desktop or Start Menu for this. After locating the program, position your mouse’s pointer on the icon of the application and right click it. Choose “Run As Administrator”. In this setting, you should now be able to access the program after it gets loaded to your system. If this does not work, you might want to check your registry for issues or errors.

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Faults in the registry are known to cause numerous errors, including the Error 740. The registry is designed to store all settings and files that Windows requires for running the software on your computer. Unfortunately it is highly vulnerable to getting damaged and corrupted, because it is in use almost constantly. This vital area of your PC can cause it to slow down if any settings are corrupted, and eventually some programs may fail to work. Instead of your programs running correctly, you will see errors like the 740 error. To fix issues in your registry, you can rehabilitate it with registry cleaner, a special application that is specifically designed to rid your computer of registry related errors.


by Greg Kahn