WoW Engineering Guide

In WoW there are 14 professions you can choose from; Engineering is one of them. Engineering skills are in high demand once you reach the end game. In this guide you’ll learn some tips and tricks to help you succeed with this profession as well as some ways you can use it to make large amounts of gold.

All classes in WoW can learn the Engineering profession, but it’s most useful to the Hunter. That’s because Hunters main weapons are made up of guns, arrows, bullets and scopes. Other classes can use these items but these are the Hunters’ main weapons.

Gnomes are the only race that receive a bonus from Engineering. While this might help you at lower levels, by the time you have a high level this advantage would have canceled itself out.

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The best profession to choose to accompany Engineering is Mining. When you leave the beginning zone, ask the guard where to find both trainers for Engineers and Miners.

One tool you need to create as an Engineer is the Gnomish Army Knife. You’ll need to have a skill level of 450 to make it but there is no limit to your characters level. Take my advice and make this as soon as possible – it has a wide range of benefits!

The reason I suggested that you choose Mining as your gathering profession is because to improve your Engineering skill you need a heap of metal. The other benefit to being a miner is that you will also be able to make a heap of gold as Mining is one of the most lucrative professions in WoW.

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One potential drawbacks of the Engineering profession is that not all the items you produce can be used by all players. Some items need a certain degree of Engineering knowledge to use. You can still make good money from items you produce though as there are numerous quests in WoW that require specific items in order to complete them.

Hopefully you have gained some useful tips in this article, for more information about Engineering and WoW in general, visit the links listed below.


by Tyrone Bouton