Xbox 360 E73 Error Fix

If you are presently encountering 3 red lights sign with your Xbox game console then it simply means that there is something wrong with your unit that needs immediate attention and action from you in order to resolve the issue. Depending on the case, you may need to conduct some troubleshooting procedures or perform Xbox 360 e73 error fix.

This kind of problem can be due to several reasons; in some cases, the main cause for this error to occur is to due to loosened cables. In this case, all you have to do is to check every connection, especially the AV cable, and ensure that they are all properly fastened to its appropriate terminals. Just observe the following Xbox 360 e73 error fix procedures:

  • Turn off the game console
  • Unplug the unit
  • Disconnect all cables (take note where they should be attached back)
  • Clean the terminals and connections if there are dust particles
  • Connect back all cables and ensure that they are fastened properly
  • Plug on the unit
  • Turn the Power On
  • Check if the e73 error is already fixed
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The above process should be able to fix the problem; however, if the dreaded red rings of death are still present then the problem could be due to another reason. In other instances, hard drive issues could be the main culprit. In this case, all you have to do is to remove the hard drive and turn on the unit without the hard drive. If the problem is solved then return the hard drive back and check if there are no more 3 red lights sign when you turn it on.

If the e73 error message continues to show up on your screen after doing the aforesaid process then you may have to bring the unit back to Microsoft in order to have it fixed. This will cost you roughly about a hundred and fifty dollars for the repair; and the whole process may take time before you can have it back.

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Your other option is to conduct the Xbox 360 e73 error fix yourself. There are guidebooks available online which usually cost only less than fifty dollars and you can already have the game console up and running within the 24 hours. This presents more economical solution to your present problem; and it is more convenient in terms of being able to have the defective unit repaired within the day only.


by Jong Va