Xbox Red Light Syndrome – Learn to Repair It Yourself

For the Xbox enthusiast, nothing is more frustrating than red light syndrome. You sit down in your favorite chair ready to conquer worlds unknown only to be met with that annoying red ring of death. You ask yourself what it means and how you can make it go away to get back in the game.

Although it can sometimes be caused by power surges, red light syndrome is usually indicative of a hardware failure. If you’re not a technical wiz, opening up your Xbox can seem like a daunting task. The truth is that most of the time the fix is not as complicated as you might think.

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The most common cause of red light syndrome is a breakdown of the solder joints between the CPU and GPU caused by overheating. During game play, these joints can become quite hot, causing stress to the joints which results in them breaking away all together.

Most people take their Xbox out for repair when faced with this dilemma. Many repair shops make a killing for a repair that in most cases takes no longer than an hour to complete. This leaves the player without his or her gaming system and their wallet a little lighter.

In this new technical age, many people are becoming savvier when it comes to repairing their own electronics and saving a lot of money in the bargain. Learn how to repair it yourself and you will not only save money, but the time that you would be without your gaming console as well.

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Additionally, if you learn how to make these simple repairs yourself, you might even be able to make some money repairing these systems for others. Since red light syndrome is a common issue with the Xbox gaming system, you could be a hero in the gaming community and the go to guy when someone’s got to have it fixed now.


by Kevin Beucke