YouTube Bans Hacking Tutorials After I Spent $40K+ Producing New Cyber Security Courses! {VIDEO}

Find all my banned hacking videos at if you still want to watch all the cyber security videos I’ve ever produced!

Many people have left comments on my videos asking what happened to my ethical hacking tutorials! In this video, I’ll explain how YouTube banned hacking videos after spending $40,000 to produce new courses for you! If you’re interested in seeing all the ethical hacking videos I’ve ever produced, please visit where you’ll find all my courses for a low price!

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Jerry Banfield

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  1. You played the blame game and marketing at the same time very shrewd man for you will definitely suffer for you just now lost us poor viewers who can not afford money you were a boon to us but now you made us upset ????????; please upload the free basics videos somewhere else free please please

  2. Instead of saying YouTube this YouTube that put a specific name and face to the individual who is responsible for this restriction that has enveloped this freedom process who is the woman on man that is doing this that represents YouTube don't just mention the entity call out the individual who's doing this who specifically makes the policy.

  3. YouTube is becoming too self-righteous and right now someone needs to come up with a platform to successfully intelligently compete with them they need to be spanked. Of course this statement is easier said than done it would be like trying to compete against besos
    This statement in itself will probably get me banned. The entire system is slowly becoming communist yes it is you just watch and see a slow process communism is proceeding in our direction

  4. I had downloaded the 11 hour course for offline viewing. Was shocked when I saw that it was removed and other crappy courses are still online. Clearly your courses had the most weight.

  5. God d*** it. Youtube degenerates to a platform full of cosmetic tutorials, product placements and other bs videos. I'm really sorry for you Jerry. Keep doing such a good job on your tutorials.

  6. Please, everyone, Leave YouTube and find another place where you can study in Peace
    Thank you very much M.r Jerry for reuploading


  7. Hey Jerry, I am signed in at uthena.
    However, the percentage of free preview of a course there is far less than what it was on YouTube..

    What happened here is stupid and really sad .

    Could you atleast increase the percentage of the free preview of a course so that I could atleast get a taste before deciding to buy( for eg. Hacking with python only has its free portion till Kali Linux installation. I know that already).
    And do you have discount coupons for uthena courses?


  8. Plz jerry i am enthusiastic to see your video that baned try to repost itin other website ??and iwish u make anther video tutorial of hacking against youtube shit youtube

  9. Jerry I have an idea create another YouTube channel with name #Uthena and dump all videos there(put them in private) . In that way we will have backup. If they ban in this channel make the Playlist in uthena public. And vice versa.

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