4 American Principles, We Must Protect!

Have you ever wondered, and/ or, considered, what makes the United States of America, different and special, and which, core principles, etc, are most essential, to ensure, we do, all we can possibly, to protect and preserve? What might be unique, and/ or, different, about our Constitution, and Constitutional guarantees, and why do they matter? Perhaps, this concept, is best explained, still, by the words of the late, great, George Carlin, after the atrocities of 9 – 11 – 2001! This routine, often referred to, as, Then the Terrorists Win, discusses, the importance of balancing, security needs, and preparations, with preserving all of the rights, and freedoms, we have always, represented! If, regardless of the finest intentions, we compromise our ideals and principles, the longer – term ramifications, may be dire and undesirable. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this concept, is so essential, in these trying times.

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1. Constitution; Bill of Rights; precedent: Our Constitution may be the principal difference, which truly, makes America great! We must ensure, all the Constitutional guarantees, are protected and preserved, instead of any selective choosing, of which ones, serve any self – interest, or personal/ political agenda! This means, especially, concepts such as: Freedom, liberty and justice, for all; Free Speech; Freedom of the Press; Separation of Church and State’ Balance of Powers; etc. In addition, the original Bill of Rights, as well as later Amendments, are essential, to preserve. No one is above the law, must apply to all, and, for example, if the actions, behaviors, and deeds, of President Trump, are not considered thoroughly, fully, and fairly, it will set an undesirable precedent, into the future!

2. Human rights, here, and in the rest of the world: Traditionally, the United States has been considered the spokesman, and voice, for human rights, throughout the World. The rhetoric, vitriol, and apparent prejudiced statements, made by the present occupant of the White House, challenges, adversely, our right to maintain that position, and earn the respect, we have always, prided ourselves, on!

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3. Unify (not polarize): Shouldn’t our public officials, seek to unify us, for the greater good, and enhance the possibility of achieving a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds, instead of polarizing us, in an adversarial manner?

4. Climate and environment: Every generation must be the protector, of this planet, for future generations! This must be, especially, true, when it comes to climate factors, addressing Climate Change risks, and protecting the environment, consistently!

Wake up, America, and protect, the nation, both today, and into the future! Make your elected officials, know and understand, they need, and deserve better leadership, and guidance!


by Richard Brody