How Trump DIVERTS Attention?

Regardless of, what one thinks about the man, as a human being, leader, and/ or, President of the United States, by now, it should be understood, he is, Donald Trump is, indeed, a master, in terms of how, he DIVERTS the public’s attention, in an attempt to support his narrative! Some have referred to him, as, Teflon Don, because, it seems, he is able to deflect criticism, assume little – to – no – responsibility, and change the narrative, and his recitation of the facts, in order to paint – himself, in the finest, possible manner! When criticized, he often, blames others, and it is hard to recall, any time, he took any blame, for anything! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters, and the potential danger, to transparent leadership.

1. Deliberate; deflects; dramatic/ drama; delays: Some claim, what seems like an attempt to divert, is not, while others, are certain, his rhetoric, actions, and behaviors, are deliberate, and planned! He deflects blame, by blaming others, and complaining! Some of his supporters, seem to be attracted to him, because of his celebrity status, or his television reality show, persona, and enjoy his dramatic manner! On the other hand, many are tired of the drama, when they believe, the public would be better served and represented, by proactive leadership, instead of delays, and apparent, procrastination!

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2. Intentional; integrity; incites: While, some remain core supporters, others dislike his intentional, lack of apparent, integrity, and the way, he often, tends to incite others, and enable the haters!

3. Vision – less: We benefit, when a leader, looks to create a relevant, realistic, sustainable, viable solution, based on a vibrant, vital vision, instead of pursuing the same – old, same – old, vision – less leadership!

4. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; endurance: Nearly, every survey/ poll, indicates, the vast majority of Americans believe, Trump lacks the desirable – degree of genuine empathy, which helps a leader, place his emphasis, where it serves the needs, priorities, and perceptions, of Americans. Instead of being satisfied, with good – enough, and accepting the same – old, same – old, wouldn’t we better served, if/ when, the focus was on the highest degree of personal excellence! Since, many needed details, require a significant degree of endurance, doesn’t it seem, this President, lacks that?

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5. Responsible; realistic; relevant: Who should the leader of the free world, be responsible, for, and shouldn’t he accept, any, and all, associated responsibility? We need an individual, who aligns, reality, with relevant, and sustainable, strategic, and action planning, and pursuits!

6. Trust/ truth: Political fact – checkers, state, President Trump, has told more lies, than any of his predecessors, and, at an alarming rate! In order to gain citizens trust, a leader must tell the truth, consistently!

7. Silly; saps strength; signals; sustainable: Some of Trump’s statements, and theories, seem to be, at – best, silly! They sap our strength, and send confusing signals! If, one considers, only, populist desires, instead of relevant, and sustainable ones, America loses!

Wake up, America, and don’t be fooled again! This President seems willing to do, whatever, he believes, DIVERTS our attention, for his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

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by Richard Brody