Africa; The Forgotten Land of The Catholic Church

African Nations upset at the selection of the new Pope, Benedict XVI; they wanted a Black Pope. Instead they got another ‘white man’. Some Black Americans are saying this just proves “whitey” still runs the world and continues to economically enslave the Africans and African Americans. One young black man we interviewed, Tyrone Williams, said “They all in it t’getter, come on, is obvious.” Tyrone is considering converting to Islam; “There is no place for a black man in the Catholic Church.”

Some believe that the AIDS epidemic in Africa was part of the reason, the orphanages are a drain on the Catholic Church’s resources. The strategy of the Catholic Church is to nurture young African minds into the church for future dividends, however they say it is not paying off for two reasons; First, few of these children will ever reach adulthood to pay tithing and second, the amount they will be able to pay in the future is not enough to support the predominantly Centralized Church with it’s enormous budget and appetite. As the life expectancy shortens due to AIDS the costs to run church operations in Africa are not where the money is and let’s face it the Catholic Church is a business, as it most closely represents a modern day franchise system.

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Many Catholic Priests find refuge in the orphanages working with the young adolescent boys and young girls. They find solace in helping the young African kids there and enjoy their extra curricular activities which many in the priesthood favor. Many Catholic Priests feel it is safer to go to Africa and work in the orphanages there, than to face scrutiny in America.

The fact is the Catholic Church is trying to put a good spin on the situation, but at the same time must keep up their power base and that costs money. Many Catholic Churches in the United States are bankrupt, Africa is a loss leader and they are looking for strength and numbers where they can get the most for their money. If the Catholic Church had picked a Black Pope instead of Benedict XVI, they would lose much of their white following, which brings in the most money for the church. There is some talk at the WHO that there may come a time when Africa needs to quarantined and that would mean the Church would lose followers due to disease and fewer volunteers willing to help and still would not receive an adequate ROI for their efforts.

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Many financial analysts and high value property real estate appraisers applaud the Catholic Church’s choice as it makes the most monetary sense. Others believe that the Catholic Church should do the right thing and work to help the people of the world where it can do the most good. Still others do not fault the Catholic Church for their choice, this has always been the way of the church why would they want to change now. They must do what is best for the church and strategically place the church where it can yield the most power over the people, for the future benefit of Catholicism. That my friends is truly what is in the best interest of one of the most controversial and powerful religions ever created in the history of mankind.

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by Lance Winslow