Native American Astrology – The Cougar Sign

Within Native American spirituality, animal spirits are considered to be available for help when we need it and we have specific animals given to us for a lifetime and temporary ones who make themselves available for a time based on what we need. Native American astrology assigns specific animals to each month in the Native American zodiac. This article will explore traits of the cougar sign.

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, your animal sign is cougar, also called panther and mountain lion.

Cougar Traits

“When working on a spiritual vibration, cougars can teach you about speed, grace, territoriality, sensitivity, mystery, and communication.” -Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

If you were born under the sign of the cougar, you are gentle and patient, and malleable. You are likely to adapt quickly to your surroundings and can easily become completely absorbed in your environment.

You are friendly and good-natured, kind and compassionate. You are very sensitive to other people’s feelings and often can sense what they need and give it to them. But you also are sensitive to the energy of the environment around you, to everything around you.

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However, because you take things so personally and are so sensitive and emotional, others may feel that you require a lot of energy. Still, you are likable, and are likely to be quite popular. You are very loyal and you love your family and your home.

Your sensitive, instinctual nature makes it unlikely that you are very practical or mechanical. You are absent-minded. And it may seem to others that you sometimes have difficulty navigating day-to-day demands.

You learn best by immersion. Logic is not as effective as being completely absorbed in what you are trying to learn.

You may do very well once you have found the right path and are likely to become completely absorbed in the work that you do. Unfortunately, that may mean that other important things in your life get the short end of the stick.

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Best Work Environment

Your best environment is one where you have the opportunity for artistic excellence. You are gifted with creativity, imagination and intuition and need a way to make use of them in your work. This might mean music, drama, writing or art.

You will not work well in an environment that is too structured or feels controlling. An environment like that is likely to lead you to rebel.

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by Jeanine Byers