6 Tips About Facebook Friends

Working with Facebook newcomers they ask me similar questions about friends, friend requests, adding friends etc. In this article I have compiled the 10 most important tips that will answer the most pressing questions you might have:

Tip #1: Friends on Facebook are not necessarily friends in real life

Anyone that you will be linked to on Facebook is considered to be a friend. In real life these people might be family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or people you know of but never actually met. Let your notion of real life friends go and think of them here as your connections.

Tip #2: Who to add

It really depends on what you want to share and with whom. If you just want to share what you have been doing over the weekend, post some family photos and connect with old friends then you only really connect with friends and family. If however you are using this social network to promote your business or your events then you might add additional people, which will bring you more exposure and increase your potential for reaching people.

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Tip #3: Adding friends

There are many different ways to add friends and this is a topic for another article. At the beginning just pay attention to the friend requests you receive through your network of friends and confirm those you want to be connected with. If you have a red number appear on the symbol of friends, which you’ll find next to the name ‘facebook’ in the top navigation, you will know that there are friends waiting for your approval.

Tip #4: Not accepting a friend

If you don’t want to accept a person that has requested to be a friend you don’t need to worry – they won’t receive a message. Simply click ‘Not Now’ and they will disappear.

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Tip #5: Interacting with friends

A social network lives from your interactions with your friends. If you want them to read and reply to your status updates or comment on your links you need to engage in conversations. Spend 15 – 30 minutes per day doing that if you want to create some activities and interactions with your friends.

Tip #6: More or less friends – what is better?

There are no rules on this. Some members seem to like to collect friends and Facebook has limited personal profiles to 5,000 friends. But really, if you want to reach a large number of people it usually means that you want to promote yourself or your business, which means you really want to create a business page.


by Nathalie Himmelrich