Aldila Voodoo – Experience the Magic of the Voodoo Shaft

The Aldila Voodoo shaft was recently introduced with a clamor heard all the way back to Aldila corporate in Poway, CA. The Voodoo shaft is making some big noise and so far the golfing gods are approving. Let's look at some features of this hot new shaft.

The Voodoo has become one of the most anticipated shafts in quite some time. And with good reason. Aldila has been extensively testing the shaft using the major tours to prove its worth. The results have been impressive at a minimum.

At one point this summer, there were 42 players on the PGA and Nationwide tours using the Voodoo shaft. 5 out of the first 20 places at the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills were using the Voodoo. At the recent Ryder Cup, Boo Weekly used the Voodoo shaft and went undefeated to help the US to their first Ryder Cup win in almost 10 years. The longest drives recorded during the 3-day Ryder Cup event? You guessed it, the Voodoo shaft. As recent as this past August, the Voodoo had 7 tour wins collectively recorded on tour. Make no mistake. The new Voodoo shaft is for real and has hit the ground running, making some big gains with no signs of slowing.

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What makes this shaft so special and captivating?

The rave has been the new S-core technology – a patent-pending stabilized core technology. The S-core boasts a high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. The technology's sole purpose is to increase distance and accuracy through stabilizing the shaft's cross section. The technology has been reported to increase the shaft's hoop strength by as much as 80% over conventional graphite shafts and as much as 60% over competitors.

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The stabilization of the shaft significantly reduces ovaling and deformation. The end result? Maximization of energy transfer. And the rest is history. The Voodoo shaft has become a distance herculean.

In September, Aldila began shipping the Voodoo shaft to their major distribution lines. This means that eager golfers can soon get their hands on this shaft and begin experiencing the Voodoo magic.

If you are one of the many awaiting the Voodoo shaft arrival, it's upon us. Enjoy this great new shaft and put a few voodoo spells on your buddies this coming season.


Source by Dan DeRoeck