Alfalfa Died For Our Sins – Old Time Hollywood Kept it Real Not Like Todays Contrived Celebrity Bore

The great thing about being a Baby Boomer is we got to witness the greatness that was Hollywood in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s when celebrities kept it real and weren’t the contrived untalented bores they are today. My biggest gripe is that today’s has beens make over $200,000 a year with Reality TV Shows and convention appearances which seems like a pretty good living to me while the poor has beens of yesterday were truly down and out and kept it real. Not that I’d wish their suffering on anyone but it seemed more often than not, that yesterday’s fallen celebrities, wound up like the late, great, Alfalfa Switzer, star of “Our Gang”, who was shot to death over an alleged $50 debt as his film career was going down the tubes. Alfalfa was my first “One Name Star”! Nowadays, they’re all over the place- we’re practically running out of first names!

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Yes, things were done for publicity back then but not to the extent they are today. Back then, there were only three TV networks, and the only time we ever really saw or read about the stars was if they were on a Late Night TV Show or profiled in a monthly magazine or on a daytime game show. Today, the so called stars are on TV and the internet daily and they seem to think they’re “too good” to be on a daytime game show. I don’t know about you but I feel I’ve had Britney, Brad, Lindsey, Paris, Angelina, and all the other first names, rammed down my face so much that I practically feel they’re family.

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The thing is I don’t want them to be family- they all totally bore me and strike me as totally contrived cartoon characters masquerading as people. As far as I know, most people back then weren’t so delusional to think they had the right to stalk, attack or kill celebrities like Rebecca Schaeffer, Theresa Salaena and Uma Thurman and weren’t so obsessed with the minutia of the stars lives like today. When I was a teen in the the late 60’s, I thought it would be great being a star but nowadays I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. To me its a sucker’s deal!


by P Hershon