Automated Forex EA Trading Systems – The 4 Week Rule

When you want a Forex trading system, you should look the one that are enclosed at the heart of many trading system that has worked for the last 20 years and have made millions. Therefore it is essential for home based Forex traders to know how the system works and why it works. However, before going in to a brief study, it is essential that you should get a general introduction to the Forex trading software.

Most automated Forex trading software has poor reputation and this is because of the junk systems that has cluttered the market and are sold on basis of unauthentic track records. Naturally, when they perform they are not able to deliver you the best of results and no gain from trading at all! Unfortunately, this system is used all over because people are happy to see the software earning substantial income for them.

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The automated Forex EA software works on a particular rule and follows a four week trend cycle which can be termed as The 4 Week Rule. Let’s follow the rule:

Purchase a 4 week calendar high and hold a position and then reverse it to a short. So when the 4 week calendar hits a low, wait for the next week high. In the mean time check out the different aspects and details of the 4 week low until you get the 4 week high. This is a simple and break-out strategy because most currency trends starts and continue with lows and highs.

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by Mark Crisp