Boxing Pound for Pound Rankings

Boxing pound for pound rankings have soared in popularity over the past decade. These lists are used to show the best fighters in the entire sport, as if they were all in the weight class. In other words, which fighters are the best, most skilled, and most likely to win regardless of their size? It’s a fun way to look at the sport, learn more about the best fighters, and see which boxers are reigning supreme in the sport right now.


The debate about which fighter is the kingpin in boxing right now really comes down to two guys, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather had the top spot for several years, after the downfall of Roy Jones Jr. and the aging of Bernard Hopkins, but then he briefly retired from the sport.


In his absence, Pacquiao emerged as the top pound for pound boxer in the sport, as he continued to climb into new weight classes and dominate his opposition. Since, Mayweather has returned and has looked great in a few big wins, but Pacquiao hasn’t slowed down either, and he has been more active than Mayweather has. Therefore, these guys are seen as 1A and 1B in the boxing pound for pound rankings, but everyone has their own thoughts about which one really deserves to be the kingpin standing alone at the top.


But the boxing P4P lists aren’t just about the top boxer, or top two boxers. These are usually top 10 pound for pound, or top 20 pound for pound boxing lists. Therefore, you get a huge range of different fighters covered. You’ll find aging warriors who are still making names for themselves, emerging prospects one win away from becoming huge stars, longtime champions that have been dominating their challengers, and much more. It’s the perfect way to see where everyone stands, and to see who the big names in the sport are.


Fans also love creating their own top 10 P4P boxing lists, because it allows them to voice their own opinions and get in on the action. You’ll be hard pressed to find two top 10 pound for pound lists that are exactly the same, and that’s part of the fun too. So browse around the web and find a few great lists provided by the boxing news websites, by fans and their blogs, and much more, and see if you agree or disagree. It’s part of the fun of being a fan of boxing, and it creates endless debate.

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by Jake Emen