Boxing – The Best Exercise For Overweight Kids – Part 1 – Introduction and Equipment

Are you looking for a fun way to workout at home? One that gives a great workout, is safe and fun? Then boxing may be the sport for you. And for kids it helps build self-confidence and self-esteem as well as strength and aerobic fitness. Best of all you don’t need a gym or even a garage to get started. You can do it upstairs in an apartment!

Equipment: Boxing requires very little equipment. You probably want to have tennis shoes, shorts and a workout shirt to start with. Then then as you progress you can add more. More equipment will make the workouts more varied, add greater challenges and make it more fun. Most of the equipment is reasonable and can be found used to save money. Here are some of the things you might want to consider.

1. Boxing Gloves. You can get these at the local sporting goods store. They range in price from $25 to $100 for a professional pair (not needed). The typical weights are 12 and 16 oz. For younger kids the 12 oz ones will be fine. Teens and older will find that the 16oz gloves can give them a little better workout as well as more protection when hitting the heavy bag. Be sure to buy the ones with the velcro so they can easily.

2. MMA Gloves. Mixed martial arts gloves are open at the fingers and make it easy to grasp. Kids may like them because they look cool. If you’re going to do a mixed exercise plus boxing workout, you might want to consider them. They are not padded enough for heavy bag work. Price range: $20 to $60.

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3. Punching Mitts. These are for if two are going to workout together. If not, then they are not needed. One partner will strike them, the other hold them up to be hit. They are fun to use and working out with a partner is always more fun. Approximate price $50.

4. Heavy bag: These typically weigh between 30 and 100 lbs. There are three problems with heavy bags. One, they can be difficult to hang and take up space. The second problem is heavy hitting can lead to hand and wrist injuries. You should be instructed by a boxing or martial artist on the proper way to punch a heavy bag if you decide to get on. One other problem is they bang around and can make a lot of noise. If you have adjacent neighbors you don’t want to be hitting the bag at 2 am. Approximate price $60 to $150.

5. Freestanding bags. These bags use sand or water to keep them in place. They are easier to hit and less likely to cause injury. I have found them to move around a lot and not very good for hard hitting. They would be appropriate for light hitting or younger kids, however. They are fairly reasonable at $100 to $150.

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6. Speed bags. Speed bags hang from a wall about head height. Like heavy bags, they can make a lot of noise and rattle the walls. There is another type called a double-end bag which attaches to the ceiling and floor. These do not make as much noise. Both are fun and can provide a great workout. Price: $60 to $300 depending on platform.

7. Jump rope. Boxers love to use the jump rope. It builds speed, coordination and stamina. However, most overweight kids HATE the jump rope. They find it hard to use and frustrating. After you or your child have lost enough weight you might want to consider one. Price range: $10 to $50. My experience is that it pays to get better ropes. They spin better and are easier to use.

So there you have it. All the equipment you need to get started on a boxing program for fitness, weight loss and fun. Of course, you don’t need anything really so there’s no excuse. Let’s get started boxing!

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by Ron Usher