How To Deal With Racism

Racism and bigotry are very common in this world unfortunately and many people have to face this sad reality.

Many immigrants feel that in their new country they’ve lost their confidence, they feel depressed and lost. In their home country, they were happy and successful with many friends and good job.

But coming to the new country, faced with racism, they’re not able to succeed in their career or be accepted, and can feel an underlying tone of resentment or negative energy coming towards them.

Racism is not only about race or religion it can be about sexual preference or anything at all. It is a question of being rejected for who you are for any reason.

The way to deal with racism is to first accept that every human being has ‘freedom of choice’ and has the right to think any way they want. This means that every person has the right to be a racist as you have a right to your choices of religion or country to live in etc.

Combine freedom of choice with the reality that choices are made based on education, be that good or bad education, or miss-guided judgment or simply the influence of marketing and media, things start to make sense.

It is clear that humans have a herd mentality, and think what they are told to think, without using personal experience or common sense. We must allow for people to be as blatantly stupid as they possibly can with following these racist and prejudiced attitudes. Humans are like animals, if you beat them enough times with a stick, they can become scared when the just see a stick. Likewise, if they hear prejudicial statements often enough, they will believe what they hear, regardless of being totally unfounded.

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Thus, like any animal, their choices and prejudices, are very often put into their mind rather than being made with objective reason or wisdom. Racists can in this way be pitied for being a victim of mental manipulation.

The most important point to remember is that you are not God. You have no right to tell somebody what to think or believe, just as you insist that nobody should tell you what to think and believe. This means that if you want to believe in one religion and do not want anyone telling you to follow a different one, then you have no right to tell that person that they should not think your religion is bad. Everyone can think what they want, it is only fair.

Denouncing racism IS racism. Racism is a religion just like any other religion.

And so when we take all of these points together, we can look at somebody who is being a racist, and as long as there is no physical violence, we can accept that they’re stupid or closed minded and mentally poisoned, if that makes you feel better, and give them the freedom to be stupid.

Give them the freedom to have their racist and prejudiced attitudes because you demand the right to not be a racist. You have the freedom to not think and feel negativity towards somebody just because of the color of their skin or any other preference. We do not have a right to choose anything we want if we do not give others that same right.

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And now, how to be immune to racism. When this racist person insults you, and you know that the insult or the basis for their negative view towards you personally, is totally false and without any validity whatsoever, you won’t get hurt or offended in any way.

As a five-year-old making a comment about your physical appearance would not insult you because it’s only a five year old, by the same token, a person of advanced years can be equally ignorant.

When faced with any racism or prejudices against you for any reason, if you allow them the right to be that way, and not take any offence whatsoever, you will exhibit such a strength of character that does not crumble under their attack and hatred, they will have to take notice.

That strength will show them that maybe their prejudice is not valid, and that despite their attacks, you can remain calm and strong, and not retaliate. Your difference is clearly superior to them in someway.

It is this way that you may change their view and maybe open their mind so they are no longer racist.

It may be a slow process, but it is one that is guaranteed to immediately benefit you from not feeling bad and at least have a chance to change the world over time.

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by David Samuel