How to Make an Successful Backup of Your Scratched Xbox Game Disc

A key issue in today’s gaming world is the necessity of durability of gaming discs. Now we all have one of those XBOX 360 games that we almost never get bored off. But what we fail to see is that repeatedly playing the same disc over and over again leads to scratches on the disc. This reduces the life of the game disc. Moreover improper handling of the disc leads to accumulation of dust that can even damage your console in the long run. Since buying a new game every time if one of yours gets scratched is non-feasible,to avoid such damages it is essential to make Back-up copies of your favorite games. As you may have tried,failed and realized, normal burning softwares cannot solve your problem. Here’s how to do it.

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To make back-up copies of your XBOX games, you’ll require a DVD writer, a couple of Blank DVD-R’s and a game copying software. Most of our laptops/desktops have in-built writers and a pack of DVD-R’s cost almost nothing these days. Make sure you buy a trusted brand of blank DVD’s like Sony. It’ll only help increase the life of your scratched XBOX disc. Now choosing a game copying software is probably the hardest part from the above 3 steps.

After purchasing a Game Copying Software and installing it on your system, fire it up and insert the game disc you wish to copy. These kind of softwares have special capabilities that allow it to break the code in your XBOX game discs and make it susceptible to undergo copying. Select the “1:1 Copy” option and thats about it!. The software will automatically back-up your game and after a while, you need to simply pop in the blank DVD and voila! In a few minutes, you will have a brand new copy of your game that can be playable on your XBOX console perfectly! It’s that easy!

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by Daniel J Dsouza