Is the Yellow Light in PlayStation 3 Creating Problems?

Everyone is speaking about the PS3, the latest and greatest in the PlayStation consoles! Before the excitement is over, user’s have a new problem to face. It is none other than the PS3 yellow light flashing. The good thing about this issue is that it currently includes a heat sensor and the bad thing is the heat sensor is a bit over-sensitive. Various other problems too can be encountered on your PS3.

Doing the repair for the yellow light is sometimes a bit of a problem. You can send it to the company for repair or take it to a local shop for fixing. A third alternative is to fix the problem yourself. Though it may sound unbelievable, it is possible to fix the flashing yellow light in an hour!

With the aid of a good guide or video you can walk through the procedure easily. You don’t have to be an IT genius for this course of action. The quirks and other issues like overheating which causes the error can be solved without spending a fortune and waiting too long to get the system back. All you have to do is follow the instructions word by word.

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PlayStation 3 is designed to be a multi-purpose entertainment system. It acts as a gaming console, Blu-ray Player, DVD player and includes much more multimedia potential. The PS3 is capable of playing games like Little Big Planet, Grand Theft Auto IV and Uncharted 2. The firmware upgrade will enable it to play 3D Video games.

People who are purchasing PS3 for Blu-ray Player will find this feature attractive. Many envisage the future of home Entertainment will not be restricted to Blu-ray. They believe Blu-ray will be taken over by streaming digital media. If so, they will be surprised to know PS3 is quite at ease with digital streaming and distribution.

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The PlayStation 3 is certified with DLNA, which is Digital Living Network Alliance. This means you can link the PlayStation 3 on to your Home Network. This can be done through the Ethernet Port or built-in Wi-Fi. You can stream the data available in your computer or mobile phone to the device. Its PlayStation Network lets you download high definition videos and your favorite TV shows.

PlayStation 3 comes with many interesting accessories. Black Game Controller, Black Steering Wheel, Skid proof Vertical Style, White Plastic Anti slip, Pink Silicone Skin Console Vertical Stand Cover, Replacement ABS Face, 4 in 1 Wireless Karaoke, USB Four Cooling Fan etc are some of the accessories of PS3.


by Sooraj Surendran