Lover Tarot Readings and the Two of Swords

In tarot reading, The Two of Swords is associated with denial. It often indicates an impasse or stalemate.Its traditional imagery depicts a women holding up two swords while blindfolded. In this context, the blindfold is self-imposed. She has clearly chosen to remain oblivious to the environment that surrounds her.

The Two of Swords is also associated to indecision or an inability to make an important choice. It is clear that she is avoiding an important truth. She has created a false sense of reality and is choosing to live in a state of oblivion. This reality offers her a moment of peace. However, this does not negate the existence of the necessity of choosing a new path. At some point, the weight of the Swords will become too much to bear and she will be forced to face the reality of the situation.

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In terms of relationships, the Two of swords appearing in a love tarot reading often reveals the barriers you have placed between you and your partner. This is the nature of the stalemate. You have emotionally shut down or the relationship has become resistant to compromise. In this case, there are often issues of inner conflict or confusion about the relationship.

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The Two of Swords also indicates that the issues your relationship is struggling with will not be found through outside influences. It instead urges you to once again go inward. It is time to face your inner conflicts. To move beyond your current stalemate, balance must be restored. This is often achieved by exploring the past experiences that are influencing your current situation.

In love tarot, the Two of Swords ultimately encourages you to get honest with yourself and with your partner. To move forward is to communicate and speak your truth.


by Carolyn Naiman