Noticing ADHD Symptoms

Adults, children and teens – anyone can have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a variety of behavioral issues that lead to inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, to name some things. Often noticing ADHD symptoms can help determine if a person needs treatment or assistance to help them deal with this situation. Sometimes the symptoms can be slight and others suffer from severe symptoms.

To best notice ADHD symptoms starts through being observant about the individual. They might not fit in with others and have difficulty making friends. An ADHD person is impulsive and has issues with social skills such as speaking loudly even if the group is already doing something else. Now, if a person is extremely dishonest even telling frequent small lies this might be a symptom of ADHD. It is a way of dealing with their frustrations due to social pressures and labeling of being different. To make friends and

Notice how they handle their deadlines because it shows how they feel about work or responsibilities. It can be due to having trouble. They might be late often or not get things done. It can be difficult to concentrate. This lead to not being able to spend the time needed to do an assignment or project as well as keeping track of time allowing them to arrive at appointments properly. Often it is a sign of forgetfulness because of inattention to things around them including time. Some people with ADHD decide to give up. They just don’t finish the job or decide to not show up.

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A person with ADHD symptoms can be distracted easily. This could lead to many interruptions when it comes to doing or completing tasks. Lack of proper hygiene could be a result and a symptom as well. There are various steps that are taken when it comes to proper grooming or personal hygiene. This is often neglected for some individuals with ADHD.

Generally it is as simple as frequently forgetting to use deodorant, but could mean neglecting to take a bath. Brushing their teeth and hair are other ways this can be noticed as symptoms of ADHD. These are usually noticed as frequently occurrences when it comes to hygiene or lack of personal hygiene in this case. Distraction leads them to not do the things necessary on a routine basis for proper hygiene. Thus, forgetfulness, no worries about the routine and even lack of responsibility are just some signs that point out to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome. Not every adult, child and teen with ADHD has the same symptoms which interfere with daily living. They might have several or just a few symptoms.

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However, many times the childhood symptoms go unnoticed and even adults exhibit signs that reflect ADHD. Some of these signs include difficulty in career, relationships and at work. However the basic three features include inattentiveness, impulsive and hyperactivity. If you think you or a loved one has noticeable features of this syndrome, it is never to late to seek help from a professional health care specialist.


Source by Maxine Wagner