Numerology Meanings of Your Name: Calculating Your Karmic Number

Calculating your Karmic Number is very easy. You first write down your name as it is stated on your birth certificate. Then you put the numbers over and under the letters: I like to put the numbers of the vowels underneath the letters, and the numbers relating to the consonants over the letters. To calculate your karmic numerology meanings, you simply add up the numbers of all the consonants in your name, following this chart:

A, J, S – 1

B, K, T – 2

C, L, U – 3

D, M, V – 4

E, N, W – 5

F, O, X – 6

G, P, Y – 7

H, Q, Z – 8

I, R – 9

Your karmic numerology meanings help you to resolve issues that you might still have from past lives. It clears the view on what you hope deep inside, what your hidden desires are, your deepest fears and anxieties. The common indicator of the karmic numbers’ significance is what is hidden in your subconscious mind – and as you know, these hidden powers can be very strong, especially when you are not aware of their existence. They can lead to strong, irrational and compulsive behaviour and urges.

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The numerology meanings of your karmic number can help you to take the right decisions to really reap the rewards of what you have sown in this life. I like to call the numerology meanings of your karmic number also the “catch 22” number. It is your Achilles heel, and often you will go wrong, even though you know that you’re prone to make mistakes. It can help you tremendously to find out why you achieve the results you didn’t want to achieve, and why you’re not reaching the goals that you wanted to reach. The first impression that other people have of you, is often determined by your karmic number.

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In my next article I will go deeper into the numerology meanings of the different karmic numbers.


by Charlotte Kamman