Numerology, Quantum Physics and Pythagoras

Pythagoras was a great teacher, philosopher and mathematician in Ancient Greece. Thousands of years ago he said, “God Geometrizes.” He also said, “Numbers are alive and are the creation tools of the Universe.” In addition, he gave the world the great mathematical secret called “The Pythagorean Theorem.”

Over 40 yeas ago, when I was first introduces to the writings and teachings of Pythagoras, there was in immediate rapport. I began my forty year study of numerology. Even though I did not understand what he meant when he said, “Numbers are alive.” I believed it.

For too many years, myself and millions of others have been kept in the darkness of the dogmatic teachings of the Age of Pisces. We were kept from thinking “out of the box. We were taught that only humans, animals and plants were alive. And that only we could possess a wisdom, a force or power of any kind.

How could such an inanimate object, like numbers, possess an intelligence? How could they possess the ability to create? How could they be more than a chalk mark on a black board or a pencil mark on a pad of paper? We they are! They are, in fact, Divine Powers and we can use them to recreate our own lives.

The Age of Aquarius, with it’s new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics, has blown not only the lid, but also the sides off of the “Piscean Box.” These laws tell us that all is energy. And that everything is alive with “Quanta,” life force, that thoughts, as well as numbers are things.

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Everything, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Suns, people, thoughts, emotions, and numbers all exist in an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy. It is called the Quantum Ocean, which in reality is the Mind of God. We are all live move and have our being within the Mind of God. Since we are energy, the Universe is energy. Planets, other people, dogs, cats, NUMBERS all are energy. We and all energies affect each other.

The Great Cosmic Law of Three and the Laws of Resonant Frequencies tell us that whenever one energy field (us) comes into contact with another energy field (person, place or thing) a relationship is born. The relationship of the two different energies creates a third energy. This third energy is affects the relationship in many subtle and not so subtle ways. When you were born, there was a particular numerological energy present in the world around you.

By taking your first breath, you tuned your finer energy structure with the prevailing energy structure of the day. You tuned into the power of the number. In Numerology, this is referred to as your “Destiny Number” and you cannot change it because it was the prevailing energy of the day you were born. This energy is inside of you and is a permanent part of the signal you transmit to the world around you.

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The signal we project outward, attracts our life in the form of persons, places and events. Therefore, it is important that you know the attracting power of your “Destiny Number.” There are only nine living number powers. Every two digit number can be reduced to one of the base nine numbers. All is energy! You are energy! Numbers are energy! When two energy systems come together a third energy is formed, that being the relationship which will greatly affect your life.

The name you were given can be reduced with Pythagoras’s numerological system to a series of numbers. These numbers create relationships with you and attract people, places and events into your life. If you don’t particularly like the way your life is going, not enough money, health, love, or creativity, then simply change the letters of your name and add or subtract letters, until they add up to the numbers of the numerological energies you wish to have in your life.

You can change your present reality into a more healthy, happy an loving reality by changing your name. Remember Numerology shows us how and that all is energy. Become a different energy being.


Source by Ellis Peterson