Our Small Businesses Need Your Local Support and Perhaps Some Radio Programming Too

Not long ago, I was discussing with a radio veteran the incredible challenges that our small businesses today face, and he suggested putting together a radio show to help them, and educate them to make them more efficient and thus, a greater chance of survival and success. He asked me what I thought the topics for the show should be since I have a ton of experience in franchising, meaning it was my duty to help our franchisees, which were all small businesses and locally owned, make it work. Okay so, let’s talk about this.

You see, I came up with a number of topics which I believe any radio show geared towards small business should address. He recommended breaking it down into small segments 5-10 minutes between programming or 15-30 segments each day or 3-days per week. Below are some of my suggestions for the programming incase you’d like to do the same thing in your area to boost small business enterprises there:

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Human Resources: Treating applicants with respect, reading through fluffy resumes, social network checks.

Industrial Type Business Models: Retail versus manufacturing, money to be made industrial, different thinking, same principles.

Innovation: Brain storming, information from front-line, listen to customers, deliver solution, innovation is small business.

International Business: Setting up overseas contacts, rules, shipping, challenges, proprietary information, finding a niche.

Interviews: Looking for a job in a local small or medium sized business, tips, doing the interview from the other side.

Job Search Techniques: unique places to find job offerings, networking off line, online social networking, door-to-door.

Management: Selling and Marketing are your skills, now you have to manage too, slacking employees, friendliness versus business.

Marketing: Promotional programs, packaging, signage, store front, online advertising, radio, combining your marketing.

Direct Marketing Strategies: Canvassing, flyers, sponsoring big events.

Negotiation: Win-win Western style, when you are negotiating with a Win-Lose mentality, free-market commerce.

Networking: Chambers, business events, vendors, employees, friends, social networking, tying it all together in the modern world.

Non-Profits: Don’t scrape the cream without becoming one with the community, what you can do to help, reap the rewards.

Outsourcing: Manufacturing your products across the state, country, or globe, Do what you do best, leave the hardships to the rest.

PR: Radio promotions, crazy publicity, situating your company as a community player that cares.

Presentation: Offering your services to a larger corporation or government agency, honing your presentation, homework in advance.

Productivity: Six Sigma efficiency strategies for small business, form is a four letter word, service businesses have a lot to gain in reviews.

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Such radio programming is almost like executive education lectures for small businesses and entrepreneurs while they work. It’s what they need in this tough economy to become more efficient and make a profit. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


by Lance Winslow