Painted Pet Portraits Offer Enjoyment For Generations and a Good Art Investment

For Sandy Summers, her little Elvis meant the world to her. “Elvis has brought joy and companionship through a season of my life that was difficult,” says Ms. Summers. Having a close bond with Elvis got Ms. Summers thinking about preserving the relationship for years to come. She looked into original, painted portraits as an art investment.

“I researched oil paintings, but realized over time, they crack and even fade. So my choice was to find an artist that painted with pastels. Pastels are a pure pigment that do not fade, don’t crack, and hold their brilliance for generations. I also looked for an award-winning artist so that the painting, on it’s own, would hold its investment value in the art community.”

Getting a pastel artist to do your pet’s portrait can be the best bet by all means. A pastel is the buttery smooth pure pigment that produces brilliant color under all lighting conditions (think about where you would hang your painting). Another aspect that you can rely on is the time schedule within which the portrait can be completed. If you need the portrait done in a given time frame pastels offer quicker “drying” time, and usually a faster delivery. But expect at least six weeks.

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Getting a painted pastel portrait done of our pets is a tangible way of showing our attachment and love for our dog, cat, bird, or horse. As a result, be sure that the portrait that one commissions of the artist reflects the true nature of the relationship that we share with our pets.

Ask if the artist works from reference photos, look at how realistic the work is… does it look photographic? Does the artist have a history of painting animal? Can they add backgrounds, or other pets, or people into the painting? Check on-line to select a oil or pastel portrait artist. Whether it is a pastel artist to commission your pet portrait in pastel or oil painting, there are only a handful of reasonably-priced artists that can bring alive the relationship that can be enjoyed for generations.

Cost is usually determined by several factors. If the portrait is to be of the pet only then the cost incurred would be lower. If the portrait includes the owner, or other pets, then the cost would be increase. Human skin and hair is a different process than painting animal fur. The size of the painting also determines the price. 11 by 14 paintings can be painted in less than time than a 24 by 36 inch painting. Finally the background… a simple out-of-focus color would involve less time than an interior, detailed background. Just be sure that the artist provides a quick thumbnail sketch to show you what their general idea might be.

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In the end, you will be commissioning a one-of-kind original, hand painted piece of art that serves as an investment, a source of enjoyment, and a family heirloom for years to come.

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by Sal Lingo