Psychic Divination and Bibliomancy

One of the easiest methods of divination is that of bibliomancy. Bibliomancy is a process of utilizing spiritual books or manuscripts as a means to gather prophetic information. Practitioners of bibliomancy divination include both pagans and those that believe in God. Bibliomancy has a universal appear as it offers quick advice, teachings or philosophies that help individuals find meaning in their lives.

The history of bibliomancy dates back to Ancient Greece when the Greeks used Homer’s Iliad as a sacred text. The Chinese also utilized this divination method with the I-ching. In the Middle Ages, the Bible became popular by Biblicists as Christian scholars and mystics looked to the Scriptures for divine guidance in their daily lives.

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For this type of divination, any book may be used. However, to get the most out of this type of divination it is suggested that you use a book that is spiritual in nature. There are countless publications that cover the topic of spirituality so it’s important that you pick one that you resonate with. You may also choose to use divinations books such as books on runes, astrology, I-ching, and the Tarot.

The process is a relatively simple one and requires very little psychic ability. To begin, you choose a book that has significant meaning for you. You place it on its spine and allow it to fall open to a random page. You then close your eyes and choose a spot on the page. When you feel ready, you open your eyes and read the page, paragraph, or passage.

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The beauty to bibliomancy really lies in your interpretations of the chosen passages. Bibliomancy is another divination skill that is based largely on your own interpretation and intuition. How you associated its messages is a personal process. In the end, we are always are own best guides. Bibliomancy certainly helps you get in touch with your higher consciousness. It enables you to perhaps, hear your own best advice.

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by Carolyn Naiman