Red Ring of Fire Xbox 360 Fix

Ring of Fire on your Xbox 360 could ruin a good time. Just imagine, you are sitting there chatting it up online with your buddies when all of a sudden your TV goes to a black screen and your system shows 3 red rings, the red rings of death. Oh no! There’s nothing to do now but send it in to Microsoft and get them to fix it. Pay about $150 to $200 total and wait 2-6 weeks to get it back. Wow, if only there was another solution…Well, guess what? There is…

What is the Red Ring of Death?

The red ring of death is the general hardware failure of the Xbox 360. This is indicated by three red flashing lights near the power button. This usually occurs because the system overheats. According to some estimates and figures, over 30% of these gaming systems experience this problem. The most frequent question that gamers have is “How to fix Red Ring of Death?” Microsoft would have you to believe the only way to fix the console is to send it to them. But there are other ways to fix your system such as Xbox 360 Repairs.

Finding a Way to Fix Red Ring of Death

So don’t be worried. This can be fixed and a lot easier and cheaper than Microsoft wants you to think. Now if you still have a warranty, I say go for it. Send it back to Microsoft and take advantage of free service and getting it fixed for free. That is a no brainer. However, if the warranty has expired it is not worth the time or money to send it in to Microsoft. Some have paid close to $200 to Microsoft to get their game system fixed. Others have waited upwards of 8 weeks to get their system back.

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So let’s examine how we might be able to fix the Xbox 360 console without involving greedy Microsoft. Now first we need to take preventative measures to ensure we don’t receive errors. We can do this by adding a cooling fan to our Xbox 360 system. These are usually around $20 and can save you money and headaches later. Also the best way to use the Xbox 360 is on its side, not flat down. Also make sure it is not sitting on carpet or anything that could warm it up more than usual. If the room is carpeted, perhaps place the Xbox 360 on a plastic stand or box.

I do not suggest using any tricks that are floating around the internet such as the towel trick. This involves actually wrapping the console in a towel and powering it on until it overheats. It makes no sense even though many have said it works. It may work for a while, but it can permanently destroy your system as well. So I do not recommend trying it.

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Choosing the Best Repair Guides for the Job

The best option of fixing the Red Ring of Death quickly is to do it yourself with the guidance of a repair guide. Now it may seem difficult at first but using the guide step by step can prove to be simple and quick. An Xbox 360 repair guide will have step by step instructions on how to fix your Xbox 360 exactly with easy to use simple guideline. There are many guides that can even fix that dreaded Red Rings of Death. Surprisingly, you can actually fix the 3 red rings issue with simple tools that are already in your house. These guides are something Microsoft never wanted you to find out about. A number of guides have overflowed the internet, but with the Xbox 360 repair guide, the user can be they get the system fixed quickly and easily. The best part is there is no experience needed to fix your Xbox 360. So get started on it today.


by Genean M Roberts