The Best Treatment For Psoriasis Is Kept Hidden By The Drug Companies

The truth about psoriasis can be hidden no longer. Incredible as it might seem to you, there must be a worldwide conspiracy to cover-up what is surly the best treatment for psoriasis.

Undoubtedly the first thought springing into your mind is, why? The simple one word answer is – MONEY!

When you consider the millions of dollars made by drug companies each year in the form of psoriasis treatment it’s not surprising that a treatment, which is not drug based, is kept hidden. Otherwise the loss in profits for these drug companies would not please their shareholders.

Nevertheless, this article is not about ‘having a go at drug companies’.

I want you to discover for yourself the truth about the best treatment for psoriasis. What’s more, you don’t have to take my word for what you’re about to read, because it’s all been recorded and documented. The main part of this article is an unedited transcription of a tape recording.

I warn you now, what you’re about to read is more tear-jerking than you’ll find in any book or screenplay. It involves the pain, suffering and anguish that a young girl goes through that haunts her until she’s in her early 30’s.

By the time you reach the end of this article you’ll have taken a quantum leap forward in your understanding as to the cause of your psoriases.

What you’re about to read might shock you. It may make you feel uncomfortable as it could easily stir you up at a subconscious level of mind. But keep reading and you’ll discover the best treatment for psoriasis. Better still, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you too can cure your own psoriasis.

What follows is a transcription of a hypno-analysis recorded on to audio tape. It’s called “Helen, a case of Psoriasis”. To keep this article as short as possible, the hypnotic induction and the initial part of the analysis is not included in this part of the transcript, although it was recorded. A small section of the end of the session has also been removed, again for brevity.

At the end of this article you’ll find directions as how you can obtain a copy of the full transcription and also the audio recording.

The session was conducted in the autumn of 1998. The woman was 32 years old and for most of her life suffered from psoriasis. Prior to the analysis when I asked her if she knew when here psoriasis started she replied, “I don’t remember. I’ve asked my mum, but she told me she wasn’t sure. Sometime during my childhood, she thought.”

Helen’s psoriasis had resisted the onslaught of a great number of orthodox and unorthodox treatments throughout her life. When she arrived at my consulting rooms she was covered in inflammations from head to toe. Even her face was mildly affected although this was partly disguised by makeup.

What follows is, without doubt, the best treatment for psoriasis. It starts with Helen already relaxed into deep hypnosis …

HYPNOTIST: Now, you’re 8 today, let me ask you again, do you ever have any

problems with your skin, any rashes or anything on your skin there? Anything

like that ever given you any trouble or concern?

CLIENT: Mm, yes.

HYPNOTIST: Yes? Something troubles you about your skin does it? You have a rash or something?

CLIENT: On my shin.

HYPNOTIST: Does mum put ointment or anything on it for you?

CLIENT: Hm, yes, and in my hair.

HYPNOTIST: Alright. So you’ve got a sort of rash on your shin and in your hair?


HYPNOTIST: Yes? And what about brothers? Getting along with your brothers alright?

CLIENT: Not really.

HYPNOTIST: Not really? Is there anything about your brothers that worry you at all? Anything different about them? Anything different they’ve been doing at all?

CLIENT: No, just picking on me.

HYPNOTIST: Just picking on you?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. What about other members of your family, anything about other members of your family worrying you at all?…..What about grandparents, anything about grandparents trouble you?

CLIENT:…..Don’t see them very often.

HYPNOTIST: You don’t see them very often?



CLIENT:…….. My Grandad isn’t.

HYPNOTIST: What’s wrong with your Grandad then?

CLIENT: He’s got cancer.

HYPNOTIST: He’s got cancer?


HYPNOTIST: Does that worry you? Has mum told you that it’s something to worry over?

CLIENT: …….Ehm………it’s very sudden.

HYPNOTIST: It’s very sudden?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now you’re in the bath there, you’ve just become aware of this rash coming up. And you’ve discovered that Grandad’s got cancer. But you’re only 7, so I’m not quite sure whether that really is enough to worry you or not. But something is troubling you. Something perhaps just a day or two before this rash first appeared that’s in your mind. And it’s a big worry, it’s a worry that you’ve carried for many years, even to adulthood.

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So I’m going to pick up your hand and drop it into your lap, and whatever that worry is will come very clearly in your mind, but you’ll still be in that bath in your mind. Stay relaxed, watch that happen. 1,2,3. Now what is it that’s troubling you Helen?

CLIENT: They didn’t tell me, I heard them. [client starts to cry, and continues throughout the remainder of the session.]

HYPNOTIST: You heard them? Now who did you hear? Who did you hear? That’s

alright, you can let those feelings come out. Who did you hear then?

CLIENT: Mum and dad.

HYPNOTIST: And what did you hear them say?

CLIENT: That he was dying of cancer.

HYPNOTIST: Is that Grandad?


HYPNOTIST: So you knew that he was dying?

CLIENT: I don’t think I was meant to know.

HYPNOTIST: No, but you overheard them?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Obviously I can see that it worried you a lot because you knew what that meant didn’t you?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now was that just a short while before that rash come up on your skin?……Your memory’s so good now, you can see that very clearly, in your mind. Because I think that we’ve got to the cause of this skin rash now.


HYPNOTIST: Did this rash just come along perhaps a day or two after you overheard mum and dad talking?

CLIENT: No, I banged my leg.

HYPNOTIST: You banged your leg?


HYPNOTIST: And what happened when you banged your leg?

CLIENT: I banged my shin, and it was a cut there or a graze, I don’t know, I can’t remember.

HYPNOTIST: That’s alright. So there was a cut or a graze on your shin?

CLIENT: Hm and that’s where it started.

HYPNOTIST: Alright. So did you have any unpleasant thoughts about that bang on the shin, or anything like that?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. See I can [client interrupts]

CLIENT: I was running.

HYPNOTIST: You were running? And were you running just in fun, or?

CLIENT: Yes. I was trying to get to the room first.

HYPNOTIST: In front of whom?

CLIENT: Oh, just friends and just messing about. Running about.

HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now why it should start on your shin when you bang it, I’m not quite sure. But just prior to this rash is when you overheard mum and dad talking about Grandad dying, wasn’t it?


HYPNOTIST: Is that right? There is no doubt about that in your mind?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Because this skin rash has got to be caused by an upset inside you of some form, and it certainly looks like it’s to do with you discovering that Grandad’s going to die. Does that seem right?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now you stay relaxed, because I’m going to pick up your arm and drop it into your lap, and when I do it’s just going to be a week after your Grandad died, did your Grandad die a while after that, while you were still young?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Well, when I drop your hand into your lap it will be about a week after your Grandad died. And let’s see how your skin is then. Stay relaxed and watch that happen. 1,2,3. Now its about a week since Grandad died and where do you find yourself at the moment?

CLIENT:….at home.

HYPNOTIST: At home? Alright. And how’s your skin now? How’s that rash? Is it still in the same place or has it got bigger or less, or?

CLIENT: Bigger and on my knee.

HYPNOTIST: Now I’m going to ask you a question and you’ll know the answer to this beyond all doubt. It’s been about a week since your Grandad died, has it got worse since he died?


HYPNOTIST: It has? In other words, this skin rash represents your Grandad dying and passing away, is that right?


HYPNOTIST: Your upset.


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now what I’m going to do to make sure we get all this upset out of your system, I’m going to drop your hand into your lap and I’m going to take you back to when you realised that your Grandad had passed away. Now stay relaxed and you just see where you are and how you’re finding that out. 1,2,3. Now, where do you find yourself?

CLIENT: At home.

HYPNOTIST: And what’s happening? How are you discovering that Grandad has died?

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CLIENT: …..Dad’s talking to us.

HYPNOTIST: And whereabouts are you?

CLIENT: In the lounge.

HYPNOTIST: You’re in the lounge, and what’s he saying? You can hear his words again.

CLIENT:…..Just that he’d been very ill, and died very suddenly……..that’s all I can remember.

HYPNOTIST: That’s OK. Stay relaxed. If there’s anything else important that dad says that worried you or troubled you in any way at all, when I drop your hand into your lap, it will all come back. 1,2,3. Now is there anything else there?

CLIENT: No. I asked him where mum was?

HYPNOTIST: And what did he say?

CLIENT: That she was with nan, looking after her.

HYPNOTIST: Did you want mum at that point?


HYPNOTIST: Alright. Now, with what you can see, are you clear in your mind that this rash is a result of your Grandad getting ill and dying? Can you see that?


HYPNOTIST: Because I want you to be sure that’s the main thing We’ve got to make sure that we get all the cause of this rash out. See at the age of 7 we could see that you weren’t troubled by any skin problems at all and then we see that you overhear that Grandad’s ill and he’ll probably die and we see the first sign of your skin rash coming along. That’s right, isn’t it?


HYPNOTIST: And then we see, about a week after he’s actually passed away that your skin rash starts to get worse, doesn’t it?


HYPNOTIST: Now, what is it, why is it that this problem with losing your Grandad has caused you to have a skin rash? Is it a way of trying to remind you of him, or anything like that?………….What is it? Why is it that in your unconscious mind?

CLIENT: I couldn’t imagine not seeing him again.

HYPNOTIST: You couldn’t imagine not seeing him again?


HYPNOTIST: It’s an upsetting thing for a young girl, isn’t it? That’s it, you stay relaxed, you let those tears flow, you can wipe them up in a while.

CLIENT: He used to make me laugh.



HYPNOTIST: You were very close to him then in that case, were you?


HYPNOTIST: And that’s why this loss of him upset you so much? Now if we’ve got all the concern and all the worry to do with your Grandad out of your system, then this rash is very quickly going to clear up and disappear away. But first of all we have to make sure that we get all the upset out the way.

So what I’m going to do is pick up your hand and drop it into your lap, and if there is anything else at all in your mind which is still responsible for causing you to have this skin rash, anything to do with your Grandad that’s not out of your system, or anything that’s unresolved or anything later in life which had a significant impact in you having this skin problem.

When I drop your hand into your lap anything else there will come into mind that you need to know to do with this skin rash. Stay relaxed and see if anything is there. 1,2,3. ……Now is there anything else there in your mind that’s troubling you?

CLIENT: Just people taking the mickey out of me.

HYPNOTIST: Because of your skin?


HYPNOTIST: Well, you’re not going to have that anymore. You’re not going to have that problem anymore at all. Now that you know what’s caused your skin problem, is there any reason that you have to hang onto it?


HYPNOTIST: There isn’t, is there? After all your Grandad wouldn’t want you to have it, would he?


HYPNOTIST: And it doesn’t serve any purpose, does it?


HYPNOTIST: So you can get rid of that skin rash now, can’t you?


HYPNOTIST: Because I know you’d like that, that’s for sure, isn’t it?


Transcript Terminated.

In following up this case it was found Helen is now virtually free of her psoriasis.

All that remains are minor red blemishes on certain areas of her body that had been particularly badly affected. I expect these too will disappear soon.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that all psoriasis is due to the loss of a loved one. However, bearing this in mind, I’ve carried out many hypno-analysis on psoriasis suffers and each time found that their problem was created through repressed emotion trying to express themselves.

————————- END —————————


by Steven Luzern