The Golf Glove Alternative

As an avid golfer, I have always been looking for a way to achieve a better grip on the golf club without using a glove. Golf gloves have always been just another expense to an already expensive leisure. Not only are they expensive, but they’re not comfortable. Most of friends feel the same way about wearing a glove. In fact, most of my friends prefer to eliminate the glove and just purchase higher quality golf grips.

Golf pride and Winn make quality golf grips, but I still find it difficult to achieve an unfailing grip on the club. Using the Golf Pride half cord, half rubber grips are great, but still not satisfying. I’ve begun to venture off into a new golf grip called Pure Grips. These grips are a little different from the golf pride golf grips. They’re not as bulky and are more slip resistant. Overall, they offer more traction. Using Pure Grips has certainly improved my game.

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In addition to switching my golf grips, I use a product called Quick Grip to eliminate wearing a golf glove. Quick Grip is just as effective as a glove for half the price. Most people aren’t into using sprays, but I think many golfers would be surprised if they gave it a try. It’s not sticky, so once it’s applied you can’t feel it. Other products that have guaranteed the same results as Quick Grip only make my hands sticky and uncomfortable. Quick Grip can be applied to your hands, gloves or golf grips.

Other products that I’ve used to eliminate moisture include stickigrips and handdri. These products do exactly what the name implies. One makes my hands sticky and the other dries out my hands (instead of reducing moisture). Stickigrips just leaves a residue on my golf grips.

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The reason I tried Quick Grip was because my club professional suggested it to me. He sprays it on his golf grips when he plays in tournaments. Not only has he been playing better, but was recently moved up to Head Pro instead of Assistant Pro.

Having a good grip on the club is imperative to a solid golf game. Try using different grips and moisture eliminating sprays to improve your game. Its good to follow what everyone else is using, but if you do a little experimenting, you will find that some of the product that get all the hype are actually inferior products.


by Joe Hampton