The Irresistible Attraction of Hollywood – Celebrity Diets

There is no business like show business, or so the line goes, and this applies even to Hollywood/celebrity diets. After all seeing glamorous and super fit stars sharing the secrets of celebrity diet has an appeal all its own that just cannot be matched by ordinary models in commercials.

But those who wish to diet like the stars have a big problem. The media darlings among the celebrities, or those who get the most attention, are always changing and this happens to the best of popular diets in Hollywood as well. The best Hollywood diets are constantly changing, which makes it quite difficult to decide which is truly the best of the best celebrity diets.

This does not seem to deter the fans of Hollywood/ Celebrity diets because their numbers are actually increasing. Some celebrities who have been covered in the news quite recently because of their healthy and fit appearance are Jennifer Garner, Ashley Williams and Heather Graham among others. They have shared a number of diet tips and recipes to a public who are only too eager to gobble up all the information.

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The results do speak for themselves and since these celebrities need to keep themselves fit and buff if they are to remain in demand, one can be reasonably sure that the diets do work. Perhaps it only becomes a problem when people are so quick to switch from one diet to another, not giving enough time for a programmed diet to produce good results. Note though that this applies only in cases where a celebrity endorsed diet is one that is quite strict about the kinds of food you can eat. For instance, one may be from the low carb school while another might be from the vegetarian school. In this case, quickly shifting from one to the other might produce significant side effects or not produce anything good at all.

In order to get the true benefits of weight loss, one must evaluate the suitability of the diet to their own needs and situation. What is good for Jennifer Garner is not necessarily good for you, regardless of the fact that you may hold her in such high esteem. Don’t treat diets as fads because to do so will only result in unremarkable results. Pick a diet well and stick to it until you either see good results or you decide that a newer diet might be better. Better not because of the endorser but because of the merits of the diet itself.

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Yes Hollywood/celebrity diets can be very appealing but always remember, in this case, you are picking a diet and not the star.

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by Pj Garcia Latombo