The Vision Gap In America!: 6 Examples

When Donald Trump, campaigned, and ran for President, in 2015 and 2016, he used a seemingly, effective, campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. Perhaps, we should have been concerned, because, not only, does this indicate, his belief, we needed to go back, to greater times (thus, assuming, we no longer, are great), but, it suggested, his vision, instead of looking to proceed, with a viable plan, and solution, to address, the evolving changes, and needs, now, in a relevant way, and, in the future, in a sustainable one, he sought the so – called, good – old – days)! More than ever, before, in recent memory, this election, held today, as I write the article, is about a significant, vision gap, in America, and which candidate’s vision (or, lack of), would be victorious. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 examples of these significant differences, and why they matter.

1. Melting pot, versus, Xenophobia: Historically, this nation, considered itself, a Melting Pot, where people of a variety of ethnic groups, could live, together, and enjoy the somewhat – unique freedoms, liberties, etc, America provided! However, in the past 4 years, President Trump, has articulated an, anti – immigration, message, often, referring to certain ethnic groups, in derogatory terms, etc! It seems to have, come, to, a point, where the present occupant of the White House, enables the haters, etc, with his rhetoric, and, statements!

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2. Love versus hate: While, Donald Trump, has succeeded, in attracting a significant core of loyal supporters, who, often, appear to accept his version of Alternative Reality, even, when, all the data, and evidence, contradicts him! Wouldn’t the nation, and our planet, be better – served, if/ when, loving one’s neighbors, was stronger than, hatred, prejudice, and oppositional behavior? This election may be a sign, of, whether, these past 4 years, will, simply, be considered, an error – in – judgment, or, whether, we will lose our national identity, forever!

3. How much we value the need for ethical leaders, with genuine integrity?: What does it say, about us, when, we have witnessed, so much lack of integrity, and ethics, and, the offenders, getting – away with it? Will this make a difference, with voters?

4. Empathetic leadership: After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in nearly, every aspect of leadership, including, training, planning, development, etc, it has become obvious, most people seek, and deserve, genuine empathy, from their leaders! Very few believe, Mr. Trump, has exhibited, that behavior, and/ or, attitude, but, will it matter?

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5. Freedoms, liberties, justice – for – all, or selective: It seems, some people, want selective rights enforced, and not all, of them! Will Americans realize, the soul of this nation, depends on enforcing all of our Constitutional guarantees, and not, merely, those one supports, agrees with, or finds, personally, beneficial?

6. Common good, versus self – interest?: How many people, believe, we are witnessing governing, for the common good, or, do they feel, it is about certain leader’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Whether this matters, inspires, or is seriously, considered, may be significant!

Besides, many of the obvious challenges, these days, there are conflicting visions, as to what, America should be, now, and into the future! Will this make a difference, in how we vote?

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by Richard Brody