The Warning Sign – PS3 Blinking Red Light Caused by Overheating

For gamers, not everything can be considered as a good idea once you start with your game. This is usually experienced by those like you who play their games using their PlayStation 3 console, as they face their number one nemesis: the red light. Having that forsaken PS3 blinking red light flash at you while in the middle of your game with your PlayStation 3 is the most annoying, threatening, and life changing among the gamers who are very much in love with their PlayStation 3. The red lights are not there merely for design; they are the game console’s warning device, that signals you to stop when its time to, for many different reasons.

The primary cause of the PS3 blinking red light is generally overheating. Dust building up within your console could be one of the causes of overheating, sending you the Red flash of death, destroying your quality game time. This could cause only minor damages to your console’s motherboard, but then again, if it could be a potentially dangerous threat to your console and your gaming time, it is well advised to take care of it, after all.

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Constant cleaning is the primary solution to avoid PS3 blinking red light brought about by overheating. Avoiding the possible build up of dust will most likely prevent it. At such time when you feel like it’s too late to prevent it (like the red light is already flashing by the time you noticed it), you don’t need to panic, for there are three general remedies you could try in order to solve this problem.

Since it is generally caused by overheating, the most practical thing to do is to halt your gaming and let your PS3 rest for about thirty minutes, just enough time for it to cool down, before restarting it. Bear in mind, however, that this is only a temporary remedy.

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You may also try removing the hard drive and carefully re-insert it. If this does not work, you may try borrowing somebody else’s hard drive. You may also check the cables attached to your console, and re-attach them if needed, just to make sure that they are firmly seated in their place.

These, as mentioned are remedies that are only temporary. If any of these doesn’t work, it is well advised that you either seek for a detailed instruction offered by service centers or, if you feel your ability to fix it is not enough, then seek a professional help to ensure its repair, and rest assured; your game shall not be disturbed again. Happy Playing!


by John Peter Shaw