Think of Cancer As a Virus to Our Cellular HTML – Nurture Your Cellular Anti Virus Software

Take a look at a beautiful website. Behind every beautiful site is HTML HyperText Markup Language, the “mother tongue” of our web browsers. Behind our being, is genetic code that dictates every cell of who we are. If we have one wrong little character in the HTML of our website it can completely destroy the function of that website. Well, the same is true for our genetic code.

Cancer is thought to be 8-10% genetics – now that is the genetics we are born with. That does not mean the other 90% is “our fault”. The truth is we have a number of exposures in our environment – some more in our control than others – that are mutagens – have the ability to alter the HTML – reprogram our cells into cancer cells. If the body is unable to destroy these mutated cells – this is cancer.

Notice I specified before the “genetics we are born with”. Now let’s talk about epigenetics – and this is where we can all get more actively involved in cancer prevention. Epigenetics is the study, in the field of genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off and affect how cells read genes.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is power – by knowing that only a very small part of cancer is hereditary genetics and the vast majority is epigenetic – this gives us far more control to prevent cancer for ourselves… and our offspring! – The trick is we have to know what these potentially mutating menaces are, and minimize our exposure.

Some of the causes of epigenetic and development epigenetic changes include:

Food choices: High saturated fat, sugar, lack of certain vital nutrients including certain B vitamins, antioxidants, folate. Please don’t randomly start popping supplements. If there already is a presence of cancer cells or with chemotherapy & radiation, certain supplemental vitamins and antioxidants are completely contraindicated. An “Its about time” the World health Organization just last week finally announced bacon and other nitrites foods to be just as deadly as cigarette smoke,

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Cigarette Smoke: Yes First, Second and Third hand smoke.

Alcohol: Yes the resverstrol in red wine has anti tutor properties – better to get it through eating red grapes. Alcohol feeds cancer cells and cramps liver function, brain function – yes just about all functioning.

Chemicals: We have a very long list of these – the problem is the amount of years it takes to classify these chemicals as carcinogens, we have to lose thousands of people. Many chemicals such as the infamous BPA found in plastic water bottles are endocrine disruptors. And speaking of endocrine disruptors – read the research on soy – it might modify your choice of eating soy.

We run a risk of being exposed to carcinogenic chemicals depending on our proximity to certain industrial pollutants – by products. Especially those living in proximity to mining and chemical plants… know what the potential exposure is.

How bout this one. Dryer sheets: You know all those ads softer than a baby’s bum… fabric softeners and dryer sheets have 7-10 chemicals which are known to be neuro toxic and carcinogenic. No, we don’t have to electrocute ourselves getting our sheets and towels out of the dryer. Just sprinkle some lavender oil on some socks or towels in the load – no more static cling.

Electromagnetic Radiation: Xrays – I made a choice to limit the amount of dental X-rays when my kids were young, and now dental X-rays are being linked to thyroid cancer, although many will still try to rebuke that claim. Another “It’s about time” the American Cancer Society has advised us to cut back on the number of mammograms we have due to radiation and over diagnoses. And here is one nobody wants to hear… cell phones. Simply put we have more primary brain cancers than ever before. We have cancer of the ear, we have women getting breast cancer in the same area they wore their cell phone in their bra. Men should not wear their cell phone on their belt. No, data is not conclusive – but how many more cancers do we have to have waiting for another 20 years of research?

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Wireless networks are being banned in schools with younger children around the world and certain states are trying the same.

Accumulation: We all have a threshold – how much bombardment can our cells take before cancer wins? There are many other mutagenic agents (thousands) than listed here and not realistic we can prevent exposure to all. The more we can minimize the mutagenesis and carcinogenesis- and optimize our body’s defences – the more we can prevent cancer. The best cure for cancer is cancer prevention.

Cellular fitness is fitness from the inside out. Most fitness programs focus on appearances, our mirror image, which is why they are short lived at best. A cellular fitness program satisfies the wish list on the outside, but has greater sustainability because it offers far more physiological reward – which beckons adherence.

Living a life to prevent cancer is the healthiest lifestyle of all.


by Shira Litwack