Top 10 Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Movies have always created an aura of magic and charm in the world of dream. A larger than life portrayal of characters, which make deep impressions in the sensitive minds of film lovers, remain forever. Hundreds of films are being made every year. But only a few movies can create that magic spell on its viewers. These dreams which are gracefully created on the silver screen, make a permanent place in the hearts of millions of movie lovers.

It is very hard for anyone to select the top10 romantic movies of a lifetime. Since every good romantic film has its own charm and delicacy. Even then, there are very few films, which never loose its charm even with age.

One film like that has to be” Roman Holiday” which starred Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. A glamorously created movie set in Rome. It is the tale of a beautiful princess who is bored with her daily routine of grandeur and opulence. So she sets off for a quick look at the regular life of ordinary people and ends up at the quaint little apartment of Gregory Peck who happens to be a journalist. Thus the romance starts between the princess and the pauper. The dramatic and yet unhappy ending of this film makes it immortal in its genre.

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A second film in the romantic category has got be “Anastasia” starring Yule Breyner and Grace Kelly. Though a Russian folk tale, the film was adapted and created esthetically in the backdrop of Russia. It is the ultimate dream made visible on the celluloid. The fantasy and fairy tale romance between gorgeous Grace Kelly and tough Yule Breyner makes this film an evergreen tale of romance.

At third place there is “Walk In The Clouds”, which stars Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. Shot in northern California the film narrates a very mushy love between two strangers in the beautiful intoxicating vineyards of northern California.

Fourth, a film that comes to mind is a different kind of a love story, which is named “Ghost” starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. The name says it is not a love between two mortal human beings but between a wife and her dead husband, who loves his lovely wife so dearly that even after his death he protects her from every possible danger. Then comes Whoopi Goldberg whose character becomes immortal as ever. She even won her first Oscar for this role. Did I miss to say that Ghost was her first film?

Fifth, “Pearl Harbor” takes its place in the list of top 10 movies. This movie is set in the backdrop of the second world war and the notorious destruction caused by the Japanese on the Pearl Harbor. Kate Bekinsale and Ben Afflek looked like a twosome in this film. It is a real love story in the time of distress. The cinematography was excellent as were the songs, which were sung by Faith Hill.

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Sixth comes “Titanic”, an all time favorite of everyone. The famous song sung by Celine Dion has made a permanent place in the hearts of millions.

Seventh comes “When Harry met Sally”, a fun movie to watch. Meg Ryan is marvelous in this movie. A romantic comedy in genre, this film is a delight to watch.

Eighth, it is “Pretty Woman” a heart-warming movie with all the commercial ingredients. The star cast is the main attraction of this movie.

Ninth, it is ‘”You’ve Got Mail” starring the evergreen pair Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This film is a first of its kind.

And lastly it is none other than “Splash”, which is again a very unusual love story between a mermaid played by swimmer Daryll Hannah and a small time employee characterized by Tom Hanks.


by Victor Epand