Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire A Certified Boxing Trainer

Boxing is a special sport. It does not involve skill alone. This sport needs a lot of conditioning before a participant reaches a certain level. It is a very strategic sport as well. Without the mind over matter aspect, all the hard work in training will just go down the drain. Boxers also need to be “in the moment”. If the passion (the soul) is not there, there is no point of continuing. It is therefore, a combination of mind, body and soul.

To experience everything that a boxer goes through, you definitely need a trainer— a certified one to have the best instruction possible. Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why to Hire a Certified Boxing Trainer:

1. Mitt work requires a trainer

Ok, let’s say that you figured out that you want to give boxing a shot. Will you just let a random guy teach you stuff? He might be the toughest guy in the planet but that doesn’t mean a thing. Boxing is a game of skill. I assure you, give a pair of mitts to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and they will never be able to teach you the boxing skills learned and developed in mitt work.

2. Boxing trainers love you, unconditionally

Boxing is one of the few sports that make your coach your towel boy, water boy, motivator, teacher, massage therapist, cook etc… Who would wipe you face when you can’t possibly do it because you have your gloves on? Need water break? Your trainer puts water in your mouth. That’s love!

3. He/She works out with you

Boxing Trainers don’t just give you our minds, we sweat it out too. We don’t just let you follow us and let you do things you can do on your own. We get into the game! Heck we’re kind of underpaid for the effort we give in training. But we don’t care because we value commitment. Boxing is like a foreign language, you don’t learn it overnight.

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4. He/She sees every little detail

Boxing is a game of detail. Every little aspect of the game should be sharpened in training. Boxing Trainers have a great peripheral vision. He sees the little stuff that goes on in mitt work, shadow boxing or sparring. Not to mention, boxing trainers have cat- quick reflexes. One mistake you make, it is very likely that you will miss your trainer’s face.

5. Boxing trainers’ health is always at risk

Although working out with our clients is great cardio, you can’t ignore the fact that our wrists and fingers are getting pounded multiple times. When body punches are taught, we take stomach and rib shots that can sting. When you miss the punches, it could go straight to our faces. WE TAKE ALL THAT RISK FOR YOU TO LEARN. WE TAKE THIS SACRIFICE TO GIVE YOU ALL THE BEST.

6. Boxing Trainers take you to a whole new level

There’s a difference in being in shape, and in being in boxing- shape. Boxing is the most demanding sport out there: Taking you to that level takes a lot of sacrifice. Through our mitt work expertise, you are able to reach the conditioning that you thought you will never reach. We know how to do it, and we do it well.

7. Our training is specialized

Knowing how to box is different from teaching how to box. Doing mitt work on boxers requires a different set of training. It is different from boxing itself. Being a good boxer does not mean you’ll be able to teach it effectively. Oscar De la Hoya, no matter how hot he is will not be able to give you the “top dogg” training that you deserve.

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8. Most trainers run their mouths, but we don’t

Training people in boxing requires brains as well. Most trainers just talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Whatever we let you do in training is for your own good. Ask us the million dollar question and we’ll give you the answer. We appreciate questions and criticism and can easily send you to another trainer if our personalities and styles don’t match. We can back it up!

9. We know the ultimate change- up plan

In a context of a fight, every round is different from one another. There’s a round when you slug, box, go slow or use your footwork. The Boxing trainers know and understand that. We don’t do the same things twice and that will keep you away from getting bored. We change it up all the time to make your every session unique from all the rest. With boxing’s progressive (rounds get tougher as you go along) nature, trainers understand that changing it up constantly is the solution.

10. We believe in YOU!

We will not be even starting to train if we don’t have the positive vibe between each other. Boxing trainers don’t train quitters and they believe that every fighter is unique. We will stick with you through thick and thin. We make warriors out of ordinary people. Trainers develop your physical and mental toughness while teaching you a very valuable skill. BOXING TRAINERS WILL TAKE A BULLET FOR YOU. A TEACHER LOVES HIS STUDENTS.

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by Lawrence Ragos