Validity Of The Tarot Reading

In this day and age with all the technology we have, it is becoming rare for a tarot card reading to be done face to face. Many people are preferring to have their cards read over the phone or online. This might be a more convenient way to have your cards read, however a face to face reading is more personal and usually much more accurate. The reader is able to go into more detail with you in person than they can over the phone or Internet.

If you have your reading done in person, you can avoid issues that can cause interference because of technology. You won’t have to pay per minute, usually it is a per reading fee. Most phone calls to a tarot card reader are done on a pay per minute basis, this is also true with many on-line readings. Typically, when you have a face to face reading, the person that is reading your cards works for themselves. Therefore, they can afford to charge less for the reading.

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This is also a great way for you to see the cards as they are being read, minimizing your chances of being scammed. With a face to face reading, you can ask questions and have a clearer understanding of what the cards are telling you, without the burden of a high phone bill.

You can find generic reading on-line and on the phone. These are usually a recording of a reading that can be applied to almost anyone in any circumstance. This is usually a computer that will automatically generate a set of cards and then reveal the findings. This method is still up for debate, with its accuracy. Since the cards use energy to reveal the outcome for situations, a computer might not be able to connect with the querent, nor prove to be beneficial to the client.

One of the most discussed topics with a generated reading is the validity of the reading. On one hand many people feel that the cards only need to be exposed to the querent energy, not actually needing an actual reader to interpret them. On the other hand, some people believe if the cards and reader are not both exposed to the querent, the reading will not be accurate.

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Another concern for many with the generated readings is the actually reading of the cards. A computer is programmed with the general meanings of each card. Therefore it is not capable of distinguishing which meaning is relevant to the reading. This can make it nearly impossible for an untrained individual to get the right meaning of the cards.

Receiving a generated reading is not always a bad. The person that is getting the reading done will have great bearing on the outcome of the cards and the interpretation. The reading could prove to be on target and beneficial. Especially if the person receiving the reading doesn’t think it is important to have a living being doing the reading and translating the findings for them.


by Brian Page